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The Slice Guide to the Fourth of July

Happy almost Independence Day, Slice'rs! It's not too late to mix up some dough for a nice long cold ferment before the Fourth (if you haven't already done so). In fact, why wouldn't you?! You're already gonna have the grill out, you've been meaning to hone your pizza grilling skillz, and, honestly, burgers and hot dogs are kind of played out. Here are some recipes, tips, and pairing suggestions to take everyone's eyes from the sky to your pies this holiday weekend. More

How to Make Grilled Pizza

For my money, grilling pizza is by far the best way to cook pizza at home. The basic theory is easy. Take a round of pizza dough, expose it to the intense heat of a grill, flip it, top it, char the bottom, and serve. Because grills can reach upwards of 600°F and emit radiant energy like a motherfu**er, the pizzas bubble, crisp, and char in about 45 seconds flat per side. That's timing that rivals the hottest wood-burning oven, and just like those pizzas, the result is a crust that is soft and chewy in the center, with a crisp, crackly shell that's deeply charred in spots. More

Man Cooks 6-Foot-Long Pizza in His Barbecue Smoker

A man in York, Pennsylvania, made a six-foot-long pizza in his barbecue smoker. (He's got a Gator smoker—so called, I assume because of its length): I purchased the dough from a local pizza shop.... I heavily oiled the grate and we had three guys pulling the dough. We assembled it in two 3' sections that we worked together into one large pie.... we sauced and topped the pie with just about everything you could imagine, including peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, sausage, and bacon.... I used garlic powder and oregano and a blend of cheeses including mozzarella, romano, provolone,... More

How to Make Grilled Pizza: Some Quick Tips

So here's my quickie guide to doing grilled pizza. It's not a step-by-step, hold-your-hand guide—because I don't think doing grilled pizza is that difficult. Are you going to get it right the first time? Maybe. But it takes some practice. So, to get you started, here's what you'll need, along with some helpful tips and links to some good recipes. More

Man Builds Coal-Oven Grill Simulator

Editor's note: A short time ago, homeslice Philip G. got in touch, telling me there was a post on pizzamaking.com that was making quite a stir: Reverse-Engineered Coal-Fired Brick Oven. Apparently, a Michigan man had invented a grill insert that he claimed simulated a coal- or wood-fired oven. I clicked over and became fascinated by the metal-and-stone device (pictured below). Could something so simple-looking achieve the holy grail of at-home pizza-making—hot enough and consistent enough temperatures to perfectly cook a pie? I don't know yet, because my 2stone Pizza Grill has only today begun its UPS journey to my home... More

Grilled Pizza

This entry originally ran on Slice on August 09, 2004, and has inevitably resurfaced twice a year--just before Memorial Day weekend and, as now, just prior to Labor Day Weekend. With each passing "reheat," it looks more and more dog-earred. I'm not sure whether this post is exhausted or just endearingly dated. Take your pick. I guess your takeaway from it should be, Hey! I can grill pizza! While that's not so novel a concept in 2007, it seemed to be in 2004, when I first read about it and threw some dough over hot coals for myself (right). It's... More

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