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New York Quintessentials: 12 Classic Pizza Joints You Should Know

Slice: New York The Slice Team 18 comments

New York has long been regarded as a, if not the, pizza Mecca. But these days, many of our city's most highly publicized pizzerias share increasingly less with the slice joints and classic pie shops that engendered that reputation in the first place. Whether you're a native New Yorker or a first-time visitor, here are 12 old-school pizzerias you should definitely know. More

Juliana's: Patsy Grimaldi's New Pizzeria in Search of a Legacy

Slice: New York Ed Levine 6 comments

I have been eating Patsy Grimaldi's pizza for a long, long time. How long? Long enough to have thoroughly enjoyed his pizza before the added emotional spice of pizza lawsuits. Long enough to have eaten the pies that he himself made in the original incarnation of Grimaldi's, back in 1990 when it was still called Patsy's. Long enough to have engaged in lengthy conversations with Patsy and his wife Carol at the Corona Heights Pork Store, where they used to buy their mozzarella and sausage from Frankie Capezza in the '90s. Long enough to know that Patsy started to learn his craft in 1941 at his uncle's East Harlem pizzeria, the truly original Patsy's. So you can imagine how excited I was when I heard that Patsy and Carol were coming out of retirement and embarking on yet another comeback, returning to run the show at his original location under yet another name: Juliana's, after his late mother. More

Grimaldi's Joins the Coney Island Pizza-scape

Slice: New York Michael Berman 18 comments

The addition of a new Grimaldi's outlet to Coney Island offered the perfect excuse to assess the pizza landscape, find the best non-pizza alternative, and check in with longstanding pizza heavyweight Totonno's. More

Grimaldi's: Bigger ... and Better?

Slice: New York Adam Kuban 14 comments

I had low expectations in visiting Grimaldi's new location at 1 Front Street, just up the street from the original spot at 19 Old Fulton. The place has been in the news as of late more for tax and landlord drama than for its product. And, I gotta say, it's often served me some underdone, soggy pies. I figured that in moving to a new space, Grimaldi's would give me more of the same—minus the quirky, cramped Brooklyn charm of the original. More

Coal to Keep Grimaldi's Ovens Aglow

Meredith Smith 2 comments

Over the weekend Grimaldi's made the move to their new location, just around the corner from the home of their longstanding tenancy. The big upset in all this was that Grimaldi's would be leaving their coal oven in the dust, as concern about city licensing raised some doubts as to whether they would be granted permission to install a new coal oven. When the city issued stop-work orders and put a halt on building at the new locale, the prospect of coal remaining king at the new Grimaldi's looked grim. More

Patsy Grimaldi Coming Back to Original Grimaldi's Space, to Be Named Juliana's

Adam Kuban 12 comments

You know the original Grimaldi's location under the Brooklyn Bridge is being forced out after a landlord dispute, leaving behind its coal oven. You also know that the landlord said earlier this week that he was turning over the lease to someone "very well known." Turns out it's gonna be Patsy Grimaldi. More

Grimaldi's Losing Its Coal over Relocation

Meredith Smith 18 comments

After the eviction papers were served last year it was clear Grimaldi's tenancy would have limited standing. Despite making arrangements to pay the back rent, owner Frank Ciolli lost the right to renew the pizzeria's lease. With that lease expiring at the end of this month, Grimaldi's will be moving next door, sans the oven that started it all. More

Pizza TV: Travel Channel's 'Food Wars' Pits Grimaldi's Against John's of Bleecker

Adam Kuban 9 comments

Oh, boy. This week the Travel Channel will be airing an episode of Food Wars that pits Grimaldi's against John's of Bleecker. Above is a preview video. There are probably some nits to pick, primarily that the host says "San Marzano tomatoes, in Italy it's the only kind of tomato they're allowed to use by law." I hardly doubt that. I'm sure she got the whole certified DOP/VPN stuff confused. But it's TV — they're always starting trouble ;) Looks like it'll be worth a watch. They've got friend of Slice Mark Bello of Pizza a Casa as one... More

Openings: Grimaldi's Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria, Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

From Slice'r Jeff R. comes this news: FYI, we saw that a new Grimaldi's [Coal Brick Oven Pizzeria] opened up in Highlands, New Jersey at 123 Bay Avenue. They built a huge coal-fired oven and had a soft opening last week. The official opening date is sometime this week. Grimaldi's (Highlands) 123 Bay Street, Highlands NJ 07732 (map)... More

Michelle Obama Visits Grimaldi's, Prefers NYC Pizza to Chicago?

Adam Kuban 2 comments

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] First Lady Michelle Obama visited Grimaldi's in Brooklyn yesterday with her two daughters. The New York Times's City Room blog quotes their server, Ralph Harajda, as saying, "They loved everything," he "I think they said it was better than Chicago pizza." Of course, the Chicago Tribune had to confirm this, and there they quote Harajda as clarifying his statement: "No, what she said was, 'It's the best pizza, and I'm from Chicago.' She liked the pizza very, very much. They were pleased." Of course, it's been reported here on Slice that the Obamas' favorite pizza can... More

Joe Biden's Secret Service Detail Eats at Grimaldi's

Adam Kuban Post a comment

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] From Slice'r Matt comes an email heads-up that Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, visited Brooklyn's River Cafe for a belated Valentine's Day meal. The New York Daily News reports: As the veep and his wife dined, Secret Service agents gobbled down pizzas from the nearby iconic Grimaldi's Pizzeria. They always say that cops (or in this case, law-enforcement/security types) know where to eat.... More

Video: 'Eat This New York' Searches for the Best NYC Pizza

Adam Kuban 8 comments

The relatively new food blog Eat This New York searches for the best pizza in the city but finds that, "Pizzas are just like you and me—they're all so different. Instead of trying to be the best, you just have to be yourself." With bonus tips on picking up women and Italian pronunciation. And a surprise appearance by chef Art Smith. Pizzerias visited: Grimaldi's, DUMBO, BrooklynKesté Pizza & Vino, Greenwich Village, ManhattanRizzo's, Astoria, QueensDi Fara (of course), Midwood, Brooklyn Watch the video, after the jump.... More

More Richman—This Time He Takes on Grimaldi's, Patsy's, and Di Fara

Adam Kuban 21 comments

Admittedly, the previous item I blogged about was a week old*, and in that time Alan Richman has moved on to writing about some old standbys. He posted his thoughts yesterday on Grimaldi's (DUMBO), Patsy's (East Harlem), and Di Fara (Midwood). Again, let's take them in order. On Grimaldi's: The oven is just right, but the crusts are merely okay—they have a fresh, bready smell, but to me they’re a little too thick and slightly too soft, somewhat undercooked. The tomato sauce is vibrant and essential, which means the white pizzas are best skipped. These basically consist of soft, melted... More

Brooklyn Grimaldi's vs. Texas Grimaldi's

Adam Kuban 36 comments

If you don't follow the comings and goings of coal-oven pizzerias around the country—and, really, if you're halfway normal, why would you?—then you may not know there are other Grimaldi's outside the New York City area. Sure, you might know about the Hoboken Grimaldi's, but, wait ... there's one in Texas? Say wha? Yes, there are a handful in Texas and the Southwest, all (or most) rocking coal ovens, from what I can tell. Also, from what I can piece together, they are loosely affiliated with the original only in that a different set of owners licensed the name... More

Pizza Quote of the Day: XOXO

Quick Bites Adam Kuban Post a comment

"Vanessa had a gift certificate to Grimaldi's? No way would she admit to that. She'd be a Di Fara diehard all the way. Minus 3." —From New York magazine's always hilariously dead-on Gossip Girl recap [And, yes, Grimaldi's does offer gift certificates.]... More

Grimaldi's Queens Location Now Open

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Blondie and Brownie The blog Blondie and Brownie has some details on the Grimaldi's location in Douglaston, Queens. Grimaldi's 242-02 61st Avenue, Douglaston NY 11362 (near Little Neck Parkway; map)... More

Grimaldi's Opening Location in Financial District

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 1 comment

Eater reports that Grimaldi's is opening a Manhattan location in the Financial District. Owner Frank Ciolli has signed a 20-year lease on a space at 135 John Street, the site says, and that "construction is slated to begin in about a month." Menu and pizzeria layout will clone its famous sister store under the Brooklyn Bridge. Grimaldi's Manhattan: 135 John Street, New York NY (at Water Street; map)... More

Slice vs. Vice II: Grimaldi's Ain't That Old

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 5 comments

On Wednesday, we had to bring out the truth hammer and give Vice magazine a knock to the skull with it for some wack stuff they'd written in their NYC pizza guide. Today, friend of Slice Scott "Pizza Tour" Wiener writes with this follow up: They say Grimaldi's has been one of the best for 1,000,000 years? I understand hyperbole, but it's a common misconception that the spot is one of the oldest in the city. It opened in 1990. Nothing to get all worked up about, but the year puts things into perspective. I was watching Teenage Mutant... More

Vice Magazine on Di Fara Pizza (and Others)

Adam Kuban 5 comments

Vice magazine released a New York City guide last week, and on it, they cover pizza. (You have to cover pizza if you're releasing any type of NYC food guide.) Here's what they say: Local food bloggers bicker over whether this Midwood pizza parlor is clean or dirty (truth: it’s pretty dirty) or whether it is running on fumes nowadays or whether watching an old guy futz with their pizza is kind of patronizing. We, however, aren’t food bloggers and couldn’t give a shit. If you’re in this town to eat pizza, Di Fara should be on your list.... More

Grimaldi's Seized by Taxman Earlier Today But Back Open Now

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Newsday reports that Grimaldi's was shut down earlier today by state officials over unpaid taxes. $150,000 in tax warrants, the paper says. But the joint was back in business later in the afternoon, after owners paid up. "We seized them" said [New York State Department of Taxation and Finance representative Tom] Bergin, refering to the legal process where state officials close the business to get the liens satisfied.Begin said that a total of seven outstanding tax warrants had been filed against Patabbe Inc., which was doing business as Grimaldi's, since January 2006. Those warrants total about $84,000 in sales... More

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