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The Slice Guide to the Fourth of July

Happy almost Independence Day, Slice'rs! It's not too late to mix up some dough for a nice long cold ferment before the Fourth (if you haven't already done so). In fact, why wouldn't you?! You're already gonna have the grill out, you've been meaning to hone your pizza grilling skillz, and, honestly, burgers and hot dogs are kind of played out. Here are some recipes, tips, and pairing suggestions to take everyone's eyes from the sky to your pies this holiday weekend. More

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Well, if you're not out getting sloshed today and/or if you'll be sober enough to make pizza tonight, here are a couple St. Patrick's Day pizza ideas to get you started. I want to see some shamrock-shaped pizzas come MPM. Kristen over on Make the Best of Everything cuts spinach leaves into shamrock shapes. Squint a little and you can see them. Not a bad homage to the day without dying the pizza green. Nummy Kitchen goes through the trouble of shaping the crust into a shamrock and then adding rings of green peppers, which themselves hint at the shamrock... More

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