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Coalhouse Pizza: Coal-Fired in Stamford, Connecticut

Kevin Hayes 7 comments

Gerard Robertson says that he opened Coalhouse in Stamford, Connecticut because he "was sick of driving to New Haven and Brooklyn for good pizza." So will his pies save Stamfordites a trip out of town? More

Top This: Hot Oil

Top This Adam Kuban 21 comments

The Colony Grill's hot oil pizza inspired my own foray into preparing and using this condiment. [Photograph: Adam Kuban] I first had hot oil on pizza at the Colony Grill in Stamford, Connecticut, and I loved the stuff. Less a true "topping" than a condiment, it nevertheless has the power to transform a plain pizza into a just-spicy-enough affair. Its slow burn is satisfying on an, ahem, chilly day but not overpowering enough to keep you from tasting the rest of your slice. After the jump, a quick take on making a quick chile-infused oil.... More

Dear Slice: Ever Hear of Colony Pizza?

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 3 comments

I'm a pizza fan, Brooklynite, and avid reader of Slice. I was wondering if you'd ever heard of the Colony in Stamford, Connecticut? My family has a long history with the Colony's pizza, and we're big fans. It's really thin — almost like a cracker — and very delicious. Anyway, we're making our annual pre-Easter trek to the Colony in a couple of days, and I'm thinking about putting a review of sorts on my blog. IF, that is, I decide to spread the word . . . It's already crowded enough! —Molly The word is out! Now you'll have... More

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