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Top This: How to Make Cavolo Nero Pizza (à la Pulino's)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 6 comments

Meaty slices of chewy, house-made salami picante share the stage with cavolo nero, similar to common kale in texture and flavor. A drizzle of spicy Calabrian chile oil packs just enough heat to give the pizza an added dimension but doesn't drown out the rest of the toppings. Want to learn how to make this bad boy? Step right this way. More

Have You Tried King Arthur 'Perfect Pizza' Flour Blend?

Adam Kuban 26 comments

In browsing the King Arthur Flour site under specialty flours, I came across the company's Perfect Pizza blend. When I've used KA, I've always gone for Sir Lancelot, so I'd never seen this product before. A quick search on Slice and Serious Eats doesn't reveal any mentions of it from anyone. So, has anyone out there used it? If so, results? Thoughts? More

Top This: Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes

Adam Kuban 17 comments

Inspired by last week's semi-dried cherry tomato Daily Slice from Di Fara, I made my own slow-roasted, tiny-tomato topping for our weekly "Pizza Night" at home. This really couldn't be more simple, and, like last week's sausage topping, you can do the roasting while you make dough or let it come to room temperature after a cold rise. More

Pizza Protips: Salt

dbcurrie 34 comments

Salt isn't absolutely required to make bread or pizza dough, but without it, breads simply taste flat—even sweet breads. That's reason enough to add it. But there's more: salt also strengthens and tightens the gluten and regulates the activity of yeast. Without any salt, some breads can rise unpredictably. More

Canned Tomato Taste Test, Round 2

Adam Kuban 29 comments

You may remember the preliminary round of canned-tomato sampling that we did in September, in which we asked for input on tomato brands for Round 2. Well, here's Round 2. With a surprising winner.... More

A Preliminary Canned-Tomato Taste-Test

Adam Kuban 85 comments

In the interest of finding a great-tasting canned tomato for pizza-making, a small group of pizza and tomato enthusiasts taste-tested 16 different canned tomatoes. Though this tasting is not as scientifically rigorous as it might be, there were some interesting observations. High price is not predicative of good flavor. Second, the "DOP" tomatoes we tasted did not score very high at all. And the top two spots weren't even San Marzano tomatoes from Italy; instead, they were grown in California's Central Valley. More

Top This: The Cortes from Roberta's in Brooklyn

Top This Adam Kuban 20 comments

The Cortes pizza at Roberta's in Brooklyn is, as its creator Angelo Womack says, an unconventional pizza. Topped as it is — with tomato sauce, crema fresca, Hatch chile–flavored chorizo, shaved fresh radish, pickled onions, jalapeños, and cilantro — it's a natural for this here column. Slice'r TonyCalzone (who you may have met in this Q&A here) used his killer video skills and talked to Mr. Womack about the pizza, capturing it all in a great little movie. More

Poll: Do Garlic and Mozzarella Belong Together on a Pizza?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 58 comments

Top This: Potato and Roasted-Garlic Pizza (à la Pizzeria Picco)

Top This lickmyspoon 8 comments

What would you get if you took all the things you loved about a great french fry and put it on a pizza? Pizzeria Picco's "Marin," a white pizza topped with young potato, roasted garlic, mozzarella, and grated Grana Padano. It's as if Pizzeria Picco executive chef Bruce Hill was at the ballpark one day with a plate of garlic fries, tripped and fell, with the fortuitous landing spot being a slice of pizza. (True story? Not so much. But nonetheless, the concept is genius.) More

Flavorful Toppings for a Robust Sourdough Crust

Aaron Mattis 8 comments

Having had great success with dough recipes from Peter Reinhart's American Pie, I expected his sourdough crust to be as tangy and aromatic as the best examples of this superior variety of bread. My toppings would have to be equally assertive and delicious to create balanced and harmonious pizza. Here's what I used.... More

Top This: 'Muffuletta' Pizza

Top This J. Kenji López-Alt 22 comments

You know what's a frickin' awesome pizza topping? Leftover olive salad mix from a muffuletta I made a couple weeks ago. Delicious. Get the recipe here! More

How 'Bout Spicy Globe Basil?

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 12 comments

Awesome! Great email in the inbox today from dhorst. —The Mgmt. [Photograph: dhorst] Adam,I loved Pizzablogger's photos of the Neapolitan basil and look forward to growing it next year. I thought the flavor profile seems quite similar to my spicy globe basil, but the size and sturdiness of the leaf is much smaller and more delicate. I've attached a photo with a quarter and dime for comparison in size, just for fun. And, hah, I figured out how to size it to 600 pixels wide.Thanks for all the advice Slice readers.Also, has anyone out there used lemon basil on pizza?... More

Basil on a Pizza: Before or After Baking?

Aaron Mattis 35 comments

Dom DeMarco scissoring fresh basil onto a pizza at Di Fara. And, yes, we know that pizza is burned! [Photograph: Adam Kuban] Pizzablogger's informative email about Neapolitan basil got us at Slice HQ thinking about the many ways basil can be added to a pie. Do you like basil added before the pie goes in the oven so its flavor mingles with that of the sauce or added after the pie comes out of the oven so it doesn't wilt? And how do you like 'dem leaves—whole or cut into a chiffonade?... More

Neapolitan Basil: A Flavor That Stands Up Well to High Heat

Adam Kuban 6 comments

"Any of you eaten or grown Neapolitan basil? I've grown Sweet, Genovese, Greek, and Thai before, but never Neapolitan.... The leaves are quite large and the flavor is very different....with a pronounced licorice flavor and some pepperiness...." More

Top This: How to Use Pea Shoots (Dou Miao) on Pizza

Top This Adam Kuban 18 comments

Known as dou miao in Mandarin, pea shoots got a flavor somewhere between peas and spinach and have a crunchy chewiness that's a dead ringer for something Italians are pretty dang familiar with already. "Hey, the texture of these pea shoots reminds me of sautéed broccoli rabe." And then my grease-addled brain instantly made the leap to ... pizza topping! More

Video: Mozzarella di Buffala from 'Un Americana in Italy'

Adam Kuban 6 comments

Sky Dylan-Robbins, in her ongoing video series Un'Americana in Italia, has made her way to covering buffalo mozzarella. Says Pizzablogger, who tipped me to this episode, "Apparently water buffalo have been in Campagnia for at least 1,000 years."... More

My Pie Monday: Foolish Poolish's Forager's Pizza

My Pie Monday Adam Kuban 15 comments

[Photographs: Foolish Poolish] Um. I don't even know what to say. Foolish Poolish sent this one in and I hope he doesn't mind that I'm dubbing it "Foolish Poolish's Forager's Pizza." The guy went a harvestin' some wild mushrooms and garlic for this pizza. How awesome is that?!? Here's what he says: I realise that chasing the "Neapolitan/artisanal" ideal can be a bit blinding sometimes with all those expensive imported ingredients, etc. Anyway, I ran out of "00" flour last week, so I wasn't really concentrating on my usual dough shenanigans but rather flying by the seat of my... More

Dear Slice: 'You into Nettles on Pizza?'

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 6 comments

"It's like French kissing a forest nymph!" [Photograph: Leslie Kelly] Leslie Kelly (former critic for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and columnist on Serious Eats) just emailed me. Subject line: Ever had nettles on pizza? That's the thang this "spring" in Seattle... at Serious Pie and Delancey. At Serious Pie (picture) they were creamed and served with black trumpet mushrooms... YUM!! Might be of interesting to ask Slice readers: What's the most exotic ingredient you've had on a pizza?... More

Poll: Do You Prefer Fresh Mozzarella or Regular Mozzarella on Your Pizza?

Adam Kuban 12 comments

Make your vote count here! »... More

Buffalo Mozzarella Scare Seems To Be Abating

Quick Bites Ed Levine Post a comment

According to the New York Times, Italy's buffalo mozzarella scare seems to be abating: "The Italian buffalo mozzarella industry seems to finally be getting somewhere in its efforts to combat a dioxin-contamination scare that has been clobbering cheese sales."... More

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