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Emilia's Pizza: Keith Freilich Opens Up on Ovens, Bad Accountants, and Pizza Miracles in Berkeley, CA

Lance Roberts 22 comments

For the last five years, we've been hearing a lot about the Bay Area pizza scene. That's mostly due to a large swath of legitimately great pizzerias, but the noise has definitely been amplified by big names like Mangieri and Gemignani. Nonetheless, one of my favorite pizzas in Berkeley is made by someone who consciously flies below the radar. Keith Freilich is the owner of one of the more impressive resumes in recent memory...and he agreed to share some of his experience with us. More

Pizza Obsessives: Kate Andersen, Slice's New Contributing Editor

Pizza Obsessives Niki Achitoff-Gray 7 comments

In the few short months since I gleefully took on the role of Slice editor (aka Lady Slice), I've been lucky enough to add Associate Editor of Serious Eats to my honorific. And while juggling both roles has been a delightful exercise in time management, I am extraordinarily pleased to welcome Kate Andersen to the team as Slice's new Contributing Editor. What better way to get to know her than a good old-fashioned round of Pizza Obsessives? More

Paulie Gee on Belief, Baltimore, and Being Your Own Boss (Part 2)

Lance Roberts 38 comments

Last week, we ran Part 1 of our in-depth interview with Paul Giannone, pizzaiolo extraordinaire and owner of the acclaimed Brooklyn pizzeria Paulie Gee's. As he readies himself to open a new branch in Baltimore, Paulie agreed to sit down with us and talk about his whirlwind journey from IT desk jockey to pizza legend. Today, we pick up with Part 2! More

My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg

Niki Achitoff-Gray 31 comments

If you follow My Pie Monday, then you've already seen Tailbiter's pies. Eric hails from Tulsa, OK, where he's a software engineer by day and a pizza maven by night. Now we have the pleasure of taking a look at his homemade pizza dome, handily designed to fit his Big Green Egg. More

Pizza Obsessives: Niki 'Lady Slice' Achitoff-Gray

Pizza Obsessives The Slice Team 17 comments

Earlier today, Serious Eats Overlord Ed Levine welcomed our new editor of Slice. You've probably seen her NYC Oyster Happy Hour Guide or read about her Meatopia-induced bliss. We think it's high time y'all get to know her a little better, so let's give a big, pizza-obsessed hello to Niki Achitoff-Gray. More

Jay Jerrier and the State of Pizza in Dallas

Rich Vana 8 comments

We catch up with Jay Jerrier of Cane Rosso on the state of pizza in Dallas and the shape of the pizza landscape there. More

Pizza Obsessives: Pizzablogger, Raw and (Mostly) Uncensored

Pizza Obsessives TXCraig1 36 comments

If you've spent any time here at Slice, you've probably read some of this guy's work and seen his comments. Some of them might have even caused you to pause, raise an eyebrow, or maybe shake your head in disbelief. So who is the guy who writes this stuff??? It's high time we find out; Pizzablogger has resisted his turn in the hot seat for far too long. More

Pizza Obsessives: Paige Brocious, Slice Intern

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 4 comments

Get to know what makes pizza fanatics tick as they take a turn in the hot seat. This week's Pizza Obsessive is Slice intern, Paige Brocious. More

Pizza Obsessives: Kelly Bone, Slice Los Angeles Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 24 comments

It's time to get to know our Los Angeles Slice correspondent, Miss Kelly Bone! Whether snapping gorgeous pizza shots for Top This or making her reviewing rounds, Kelly has got all the Slice bases covered in L.A. Let's find out what makes this pizza-loving California girl tick with the hard hitting Pizza Obsessives Q&A treatment. More

Pizza Obsessives: Michael Berman, New York Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 7 comments

Those plugged into the pizza blog scene may already know Michael Berman from his own project, Pizzacentric. Now let's see what makes our newest pizza-loving contributor tick. More

Pizza Obsessives: David Kover, Slice San Francisco Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 9 comments

This week we're getting David Kover from the San Francisco beat into the Slice hot seat. Let's get to know this Brooklyn native turned Bay area pizza investigator a little better with the hard hitting questions. —MS More

Pizza Obsessives: Andrew Janjigian, Slice Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 22 comments

If you've followed some of the Boston coverage on Slice, then you are probably familiar with Andrew Janjigian. Or you may know him by his kickass NY pizza recipe that he developed for Cook's Illustrated. Get to know him a little better as he takes his turn in the hot seat More

Pizza Obsessives: Norma Knepp, Experimental Pizza Maven

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 20 comments

If you've checked out My Pie Monday, then you know Norma427 by her experimental pies. Let's get to know one of Slice's most imaginative pie makers a little better by getting her in the hot seat.—MS More

Pizza Obsessives: Donna Currie, Slice Pizza Pro

Pizza Obsessives Meredith Smith 15 comments

You may know Donna "dbcurrie" Currie from her kitchen detective work in the Slice column Pizza Protips or by her Bread Baking recipes on Serious Eats. This week we put the long-time baker/recipe tweaker andCookistry blogger in the hot seat. More

Pizza Obsessives: Meredith Smith, Slice Editor

Pizza Obsessives Maggie Hoffman 38 comments

You've probably seen Meredith Smith's Massachusetts pizza explorations on Slice, from eggroll-wrapper thin pies at The Corner Grille in Worcester to crazy-sweet-sauce pizza in Beverly. Starting next week, she'll be at the helm here, so today we put her in the hot seat. Let's get to know our new Slice Queen! More

Pizza Obsessives: Adam Kuban, Slice Founder

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 40 comments

Some of you have asked for this Q&A in the comments of older Pizza Obsessives interviews. I've always begged off in the past with some excuse or other. But, guess what? One of my other interviews fell through for this week, and I needed someone quick to fill the slot, so here you go! Is it weird to sit yourself in the hot seat? I guess we're going to find out. —AK More

Pizza Obsessives: Tim Kang, Slice New Jersey Contributor

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 9 comments

Ladies and gents, if you've been enjoying the coverage from New Jersey lately as much as I have, you probably want to get to know Tim "Pizzasnob" Kang a little better. Let's get his dude in the hot seat, shall we? More

My Pizza Oven: An Oven from Down Under

Adam Kuban 3 comments

It's been a while since we've had a My Pizza Oven, so I'm happy to welcome Neil Gunning, a chef from Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia, who has built a wood-fired earth oven in his back yard. More

Pizza Obsessives: Kevin Hayes, Slice Westchester Contributor

Adam Kuban 2 comments

You may know Kevin Hayes as the guy holdin' it down just north of New York City in Westchester County. He's turned in some mouthwatering reviews (like this one on the Lincoln Lounge, which looks downright inhalable) and, we hope, has more to come. Let's get him in the hot seat. More

Pizza Obsessives: Shirley Chow, Proprietor of photosofpizzaboxes.com

Pizza Obsessives Adam Kuban 18 comments

I have always wanted to do a subsection of Slice that just documented pizza boxes. But I mostly eat in the pizzerias I visit and rarely take pizza to go (I eat it all). There's this obsessive gal, though, Shirley Chow, who documents every pizza box from every pizzeria she visits and posts them on her site, photosofpizzaboxes.com. Surely we had to get her in the hot seat! More

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