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My Pie Monday: Smoky Blue Cheese, BLT, Artichokes, and More!

Happy My Pie Monday, folks! Your fellow Slice'rs have been at it again, making gorgeous pies for you to feast your eyes on. Norma427 did some more work on perfecting her Mellow Mushroom pie replica and topped it sausage, peppers, onion, and spinach. Speaking of mushrooms, amusebouche1 made a three mushroom and sausage pie with truffle salt that sounds anything but mellow. Billgraney experimented with working some German rye beer into his BLT pizza, and Jimmyg returned to work with Buratto flour in his smoky blue cheese and caper topped pie. We have four pizzas from intheyearofthepig's cob oven, and... More

My Pie Monday: Finochietta, Blood Orange, Tater Tots, and More!

Welcome back to My Pie Monday! We've got more impressive pies this week. I'm pretty sure that some of the maestros behind these pies are about to go pro. Consider this a chance to check out their "early work". Contributing this week are: amusebouche1, dmacavanagh, Ev, intheyearofthepig, jimmyg, Norma427, Pam Egan, TXCraig1, and Zach. Instead of telling you all about their work, I'll let the pies do the talking. More

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