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Watch Jon Stewart Tear Into de Blasio's Pizza-Fork Faux-Pas

Kate Andersen 32 comments

De Blasio's cardinal sin of pizza consumption, and Jon Stewart's ever over-the-top and hilarious reaction. More

Video: Jon Stewart Calls for a Pizza Truce...But Not Before Getting in Some Final Digs

Kate Andersen 35 comments

In the ongoing battle between Jon Stewart and what seems like all of Chicago, the Daily Show aired the latest installment last night in a three-part series called "Strife of Pie." More

Jon Stewart Rails on Trump for His Pizza Transgressions

Meredith Smith 37 comments

Jon Stewart made the pizza luncheon between Sarah Palin and Donald Trump the subject of a breathtaking rant on last night's Daily Show. If you haven't seen it, you need to. In addition to making some very poignant points, Mr. Stewart flexes his pizza prowess by rattling off some the cities most beloved pizzerias. I know, I know, he didn't get them ALL, but at least there is no mention of Ray's (at ease, Slice'rs!). More

'The Daily Show' Is Like Pizza

Quick Bites Adam Kuban Post a comment

So says Jon Stewart: "In fact, Mr. Stewart regards comedy as a kind of catharsis machine, a therapeutic filter for grappling with upsetting issues. 'What's nice to us about the relentlessness of the show,' he said, 'is you know you're going to get that release no matter what, every night, Monday through Thursday. Like pizza, it may not be the best pizza you’ve ever had, but it's still pizza, man, and you get to have it every night. It's a wonderful feeling to have this toxin in your body in the morning, that little cup of sadness, and feel by... More

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