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Video: Josh Ozersky, In Defense of Di Fara

"With all due respect to Jeffrey Steingarten, Di Fara's Pizza is the best pizza in New York City (and probably the world). Anyone who says otherwise, even the most erudite of men, should have their head examined." —Josh Ozersky, in today's episode of Ozersky.TV See also Jeffrey Steingarten's Pizza Musings on Grub Street » Jeffrey Steingarten's Epic 3 a.m. Di Fara Denunciation »... More

Josh Ozersky on 'Nightline': 'Fancy Burgers Are Cheaper Than Pizza'

Josh "Mister Cutlets" Ozersky, editor of The-Feedbag was on Nightline Thursday night talking about burgers. What's this got to do with pizza? Well, at one point in his segment he makes the claim that a fancy $10.95 hamburger, made with La Frieda Black Label beef is "cheaper than a pizza." "If you get a pizza in New York now it's like $20!" Taking off the burger hat I wear while blogging on A Hamburger Today and putting on my pizza cap, I have to rise to pizza's defense. I don't know about Ozersky, but I can make do with... More

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