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Top This: Roasted Squash Pizza (à la The Backyard)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone Post a comment

In my experience, restaurants that also serve pizza often present underserviced pies. But when Chef Dakota Weiss (you may remember her from...) started experimenting with an assortment of entrée sauces and sides on her pizza crust, a star was born at The Backyard at the W. More

Top This: Bloomsdale Spinach Pizza (à la Stella Rossa)

Slice: Los Angeles Kelly Bone 4 comments

If you are not lucky enough to live near Stella Rossa Pizza Bar in LA, you are in for a treat! This is one of the best pizzas I've ever had. More

Top This: How to Make Cavolo Nero Pizza (à la Pulino's)

Top This Erin Mosbaugh 6 comments

Meaty slices of chewy, house-made salami picante share the stage with cavolo nero, similar to common kale in texture and flavor. A drizzle of spicy Calabrian chile oil packs just enough heat to give the pizza an added dimension but doesn't drown out the rest of the toppings. Want to learn how to make this bad boy? Step right this way. More

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