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Word Coinage: 'leopard spotting'

"Leopard spotting" on a Kesté pie. Friend of Slice Pizzablogger uses a word from the pizza-crit lexicon that I've never heard before: leopard spotting, obviously a reference to the little blisters of charred material along the pizza's end crust (or cornicione). Usage: "I think the quattro formaggio looks very lame, although it has more leopard spotting on the outer edge of the cornicione than the other pictures, which is what I personally prefer." Pizzablogger picked up the term from Paulie Gee.... More

Is It a 'Plain' Slice, a 'Regular' Slice, or Something Else Entirely?

I received this interesting query a couple weeks ago and thought I'd share it with you. It involves word nerdery, which is a small interest of mine. Also--sorry for the slowness here this week. I've been on vacation this week. I'm in Wildwood, New Jersey. Haven't eaten much pizza--just did Sam's Pizza a couple times. OK. Back to the show. --The Mgmt. From Sabella Pizza in Park Slope. Adam,Barry Popik (barrypopik.com) referred me to you after I sent him this inquiry: > Any sense of what the more common [term] is in the NYC area to describe a slice of... More

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