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Fake Help Wanted Flyer—Pretty Sneaky, Pixar

Adam Kuban 9 comments

The flyer here, tacked up on a bulletin board at Washington University in St. Louis, seems to promise a possible job delivering pizza for Pizza Planet. But visit the URL on the tear-off tag (BuzzCampusWUstl.com) and you find it's yet another clever pizza-related marketing stunt. This time for Pixar's Toy Story 3. Pizza Planet is the name of the pizzeria in the movie. More

Video: Domino's Stalks People Who Haven't Tried Its New Recipe

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 8 comments

You've gotta hand it to Domino's. The pizza chain is approaching Burger King levels when it comes to viral marketing stunts. In this video they've concocted elaborate personalized ad campaigns for three men who still hadn't tried the new pizza, creating custom billboards and radio spots and going as far as flashing messages on a traffic alert sign and sending up an airplane banner. More

Money Pizza

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Money Pizza is an promotional concept for an imaginary pizza chain that sells a $5 pizza. The magnetic fridge-based coin keeper holds $5 in change. As its creator, artist Matt Brown, says, "The concept eliminates the shame people feel when they pay for something all in change. No counting involved with this, both cashier and customer know exactly how much money there is on that pie." Of course you're still left scrounging for the tip. [via EMD]... More

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