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Poll: What Chain Appetizer Pizza Mashup Will Strike Next?

Polls Meredith Smith 27 comments

Chains continue to adapt their popular appetizers into pies with somewhat appalling results. Obviously people love some of these monstrosities—remember the Papa John's Buffalo Chicken Pizza? So it's obvious the trend will continue, but what will come next? In this weeks poll tell us what transgression you think will be the next appetizer pizza mash-up? More

Survey: What Pizza Mashups Have You Made?

Meredith Smith 2 comments

Last week's pizzagna post elicited a few pizza mashup confessions, such as pizzadillas and pizzogis (pizza + pierogies.) Beyond making a pizza casserole, here at Serious Eats we've rolled up pizzaritos and wrapped hot dogs in bianca. What pizza mashups have you created? More

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