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Great Pizza in New Bedford, MA: Who Knew?

Great pizza can be found in the unlikeliest places, and if there's one man that knows how to follow his nose to great new pizza finds, it's Ed. If he'd heeded Erin Zimmer's call for the best thing he ate in September, he would have written about the insanely delicious Margherita pizza he happened upon in downtown New Bedford, Massachusetts, at a place called Brick Pizzeria Napoletana. Terrific, just chewy and puffy enough sourdough crust, fresh mozzarella, leaves of fresh basil, and San Marzano tomatoes, made in a wood-fired brick oven. All these great ingredients wouldn't mean a thing if the pizzaiolo owner didn't know what he was doing. More

Brighton, MA: The Proper Slice

The crackle of the under crust was the thing that got me on my first visit to The Proper Slice. It formed its own perfect, distinct layer in the pizza crust topography. By the second slice, after the pie had sat on its aluminum podium for a wilt-able amount of time yet remained crisp, I was ready to place the fledgling pizzeria in the upper echelon. More

Cambridge, MA: All Star Pizza Bar

All Star Pizza Bar, the newest Inman Square outpost from Kosta and Johnny Diamantopoulos, sits diagonally across the street from the brothers’ All Star Sandwich Bar. Like its well-regarded, older sibling, the All Star Pizza Bar serves inventive food in a friendly and welcoming environment. (In contrast to the Sandwich Bar, which offers salads and dessert, this is a focused affair: aside from beer, sangria and soft drinks, it serves pizza and only pizza.) More

Daily Slice: Iggy's Bakery, Cambridge

If you've ever been in Boston long enough to need to buy decent bread, then you've probably run into Iggy's. But did you know that you can buy your bread straight from their Cambridge bread baking headquarters? Oh yeah. And not only that, they have trays and trays of pizza slices for sell! More

Daily Slice: Crazy Dough's Pizza, Boston

Daily Slice gives a quick snapshot each weekday of a different slice or pie that the folks at the Serious Eats empire have enjoyed lately. [Photographs: Ed Kearns] I prefer my pizza with a healthy serving of transparency. I like to know what I'm in for at first glance. There are those pizza joints that disguise themselves as restaurants, and then there are those for whom the slice is the lifeblood of the operation. Crazy Dough's Pizza is firmly entrenched in the latter camp. During my midday visit, there were no fewer than seven different slice options available, and... More

Somerville, Massachusetts: Flatbread Company

Flatbread Company in Davis Square, Somerville s located in Sacco's Bowl Haven, one of the few remaining old-school candlepinbowling alleys in the area, and the lanes are still open for business. What could be better than pizza, beer, and bowling? Nothing, of course, so a few weeks ago, I got the team together and we dropped in to Flatbread Company to play a couple of frames and sample some of their pies. More

Daily Slice: Savory & Sweet Escape, North Truro, Massachusetts

Snaking down Route 6 on the Cape, there is the ever-present danger that traffic will slow to a crawl. Luckily there are all manner of food shacks, ice cream stands, and souvenir shops that offer reprieve from the traffic. If it's a slice you're after, then Savory & Sweet Escape in North Truro (just south of Provincetown) will make from a supremely satisfying pit stop. More

Daily Slice: Leone's, Somerville, Massachusetts

One of the unsung heroes on Boston's Sicilian scene is the square slice from Leone's in Somerville. Unless you are willing to splurge for a half ($13) or whole ($26) sheet tray, then lunch is the time to hit the Winter Hill pizzeria. While Leone's offers some slices in the evening, you can't necessarily count on their availability and the variety is much more limited. The lunchtime counter is known to accommodate a half dozen or so varieties at a time. More

Newton, Massachusetts: Maria di Napoli Ristorante

Maria di Napoli Ristorante in Newton, MA, is an unassuming spot in the sleepy Italian-American neighborhood of Nonantum, a few miles outside of Boston. The pies at Maria di Napoli Ristorante are both larger in width and thinner-crusted than a true Neapolitan. But the brightly-flavored, uncooked crushed plum tomato based sauce, simple, sparingly-applied toppings, and a crust with ultra-tender crumb all shout Neapolitan just the same. More

Daily Slice: Bianchi's Pizza, Revere, Massachusetts

This week I visited America's first public beach in Revere, where Bianchi's has been baking seaside pies for more than 60 years. Originally it was located in the thick of the now nonexistent amusements section, sandwiched between the Wild Mouse Ride and a Joe & Nemo's hot dog stand. Bianchi's has been at the "new" location since 1974. More

Daily Slice: T. Anthony's, Boston

My manias tend to create lists, and T. Anthony's has been on my pizza list for a couple of years. Multiple trusted sources named it when I was scouring the city for thin-crust and NY-style pizza. When I finally tried it, I made the mistake of going sober. It was one of the greasiest pizzas I've had in years. More

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