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Man Cooks 6-Foot-Long Pizza in His Barbecue Smoker

A man in York, Pennsylvania, made a six-foot-long pizza in his barbecue smoker. (He's got a Gator smoker—so called, I assume because of its length): I purchased the dough from a local pizza shop.... I heavily oiled the grate and we had three guys pulling the dough. We assembled it in two 3' sections that we worked together into one large pie.... we sauced and topped the pie with just about everything you could imagine, including peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, sausage, and bacon.... I used garlic powder and oregano and a blend of cheeses including mozzarella, romano, provolone,... More

But Is It Kosher?

Israelis in Tel Aviv have cooked what they hope is the world's longest pizza. Channel News Asia reports, "The labour of love included 30 hours of work, 25 cooks, 150 kilos of dough, 50 litres of tomato sauce, 60 kilos of green olives, and 80 kilos of mozzarella cheese." Palestinian spokesmen vowed to retaliate with an even longer pizza.... More

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