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Pizza With Figs, Mozzarella, and Goat's Milk Feta

Even in California, fig season doesn't last forever, and the specimens I was picking up last week had already lost their figgy luster. The best way to use less-than-perfect figs is to cook them. Not only does this drive off some of their moisture, concentrating their flavor, but it also converts some of their more complex sugars to simple sugars that are sweeter than their precursors. Your figs become jammier and all around tastier. This works especially well on a pizza cooked in a hot oven because that bite of cheese and drizzle of olive oil can go straight on top with the figs. More

The Best Low-Moisture Mozzarella For Pizzas

For wood-fired, kinda soggy-in-the-middle, true Neapolitan pizzas, a high-moisture, freshly made mozzarella (preferrably from water buffalo milk!) is key. But for the vast majority of pizza styles in the U.S.—our beloved New York style, crispy Greek style, bar pies, New Haven apizza, even Chicago deep dish casseroles—low-moisture aged mozzarella is the cheese of choice. Which is the best? More

Glossary: mozzarella

We talk a lot about mozzarella on Slice. And why not? It's the pizza cheese. But just what do we mean when we talk about fresh mozzarella, low-moisture mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, and fior di latte? More

Poll: Do You Prefer Shredded or Sliced Mozzarella on Your Pizza?

A plain pie from De Lucia's in Raritan, New Jersey. [Photograph: Nick Solares] Says dmcavanagh: You get the look of this pizza when you use shredded cheese. The cheese melts quickly and mixes with the sauce to form the "orange" look. Shredded cheese has more exposed surface area and thus you get a lot of fat released from the cheese during cooking. I prefer to use sliced cheese on pizza, but this look is very common in NY style pies and pizzeria pies in general. Most buy their cheese pre-shredded. Which inspired this week's poll: Do you prefer shredded... More

This Week's Poll Results: Are You Getting Fresh with Me?

And polls have closed. This week's pressing issue: Do You Prefer Fresh or Regular Mozzarella. Looks like an overwhelming majority of us prefer fresh. There was a call for buffalo mozzarella from Gianluca, who also had a lot to say about the news that Italian buffalo mozzarella may be cut with cows' milk. Good insight there from him. And a tip on using fresh, from Pizza Blogger: "How well it's strained determines how much of a 'splat' the homemade stuff is."... More

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