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'Pizza Slice,' Sung to the Tune of Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face'

An email from a BRILLIANT Slice'r: "Singing along to Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' one evening while making pizza I absentmindedly changed the chorus to 'Pizza Face.' The image brought me up short with disgust, as you can imagine, but there seemed potential in the idea of a pizza parody of the song.... Here it is; I hope you like it. —drbubbles" More

Video: Is 'Pizza Party' the Worst Song About Pizza Parties Ever Made?

Dear Slice, Letters from Slice'rsWanted to share this "Pizza Party" video put together by my brother Joe Pepe, who lives in Astoria and happens to be a HUGE pizza fan.

It's actually a response of sorts to the Rebecca Black "Friday" video that had the whole Internet abuzz with its simplistic lyrics and heavy-handed use of autotune.

Michelle Rivera


Heh. I was wondering how I was going to work Rebecca Black into a Slice post. Thanks, Michelle! You know, I'm disappointed in Joe, though. I think he only mentions Friday in his song. What about Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, which comes after Saturday?

Hasta la pizza,


'Music to Eat Pizza By'

The long-forgotten history (perhaps for a reason?) of a vinyl record put out in 1967 by Jeno's Pizza featuring the Duluth Accordionaires. Can you believe records like this ever got made? Absolutely cheesy stuff. More

Video: Lou Reed Namechecks Totonno's in 'Egg Cream'

I guess I'm a bad Lou Reed fan, since I kinda stopped listening to his stuff after Magic & Loss (1992), which explains why I didn't immediately make the connection between Mr. Reed and Totonno's. Luckily, Foolishpoolish is there to jog all our memories with his comment: "At Totonno's for pizza, and ice cream at Al and Shirley's." It's a lyric from the song "Egg Cream" off Reed's 1996 album Set the Twilight Reeling. Thanks, FP!... More

Pizza Girl: What Pizza Delivery Drivers Listen To While on Duty

It inevitably happens that I'll have a delivery shift I just can't seem to get started. My energy drags, and as I slowly transfer my pizzas from the hot-rack to the bags to my car, I know there's one thing that can make this better, that can get me pumped for delivering--one particular song. My pick, and other drivers' playlists, after the jump. More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

As you may know, I was on vacation last week. I barely looked at the web. And that, ladies and gents, was AWESOME. But it also means I missed a lot of pizza news. This link dump is, therefore, loooong and may contain things you've seen already. Deal with it. —The Mgmt. Video: Albert Grande, on a pizza tour of the East Coast, finds "the next rising star of pizza" (above) in Stefan Ambrosch. [Pizza Therapy] Movies: Bruce Willis films a motion picture at Brooklyn's legendary L&B Spumoni Gardens. [Pizza Therapy] Celebs and Slices: Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) at Bleecker... More

Pizza Tunes: Personal & the Pizzas

This, from FOS Bill P., via Twitter: @slice, have you heard Personal & the Pizzas? "Baby give me just one slice!" http://www.myspace.com/pers... @soundbitesnyc: Until your tweet, no, I had not heard Personal & the Pizzas. Sounds very Ramones-ish, which isn't surprising, given that their MySpace page lists the Ramones as an influence. As fans, they must be aware of the Joey Ramone pizza connection. After the jump, a video of the band playing "I Don't Wanna Be No Personal Pizza."... More

Happy 50th, Morrissey

As a morose teenager, I found no small comfort in the music of The Smiths and the lyrics of their frontman, Morrissey. I'm a little less mopey now but still love listening to those early Smiths records—if not so much solo Mozzer. Anyway, happy birthday, Morrissey. What's this have to do with pizza? Not much, but here, peep this.... More

Quote of the Day

"I used to sing for my supper in a pizza restaurant in SoHo. I got 50 quid, a bottle of wine or two and a pizza. I learned my chops, so that's why I have the confidence now to go onstage in front of 50,000 people and do what I do, because I've been waiting long enough." —Mr. Hudson, British singer-songwriter... More

In Videos: Jamie Pugh, Pizza Delivery Driver, Wows Audience and Judges on 'Britain's Got Talent'

In another knock-your-socks-off moment on Britain's Got Talent, part-time pizza delivery driver Jamie Pugh conquered stage fright to floor the audience and judges with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables. Prior to Saturday night's performance the story on Pugh was that he had a crippling case of stage fright. The 37-year-old from Blackwood, Wales, auditioned for last season's show but couldn't muster the courage to even sing for a producer. But Wales Online reports that that's not even the half of it. Pugh's triumphant performance (judge Simon Cowell even seems to almost well up a bit... More

Dear Slice: 'Regarding the Album Packaging by Horse the Band'

Looks like the Jonas Brothers pizza video post started a cascade of email. --The Mgmt. Adam, Although the packaging by Horse the Band was fairly enjoyable, it was sorta already done years ago by Gainesville, Florida's Less Than Jake.The record was called Rock and Roll Pizzeria. It was put out by No Idea Records and came in a hand-silk-screened pizza box with a magnet, guest check, and menu.Around 1996.Just a heads up.--James... More

Dear Slice: Forget the Jonas Bros.; Here's Horse the Band

I knew I was going to get some crap about the Jonas Brothers post from yesterday morning. Slicester Josh G. writes in with this. --The Mgmt. Photograph from Talk About the Passion Adam,If you're going to have The Jonas Brothers showing up on your blog, you should also know about the Pizza EP by Horse the Band.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_(EP)I purchased the record when it came out because the packaging is awesome. It comes in a pizza box, looks like a pizza, and there were coupons and even one of those table things that keeps the cheese from sticking to the box.http://www.tatp.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/horsethebandpizza.jpgThanks, Josh... More

Beyonce Song 'If I Were a Boy' Inspired by Pizza

myspace.com/bcjean Songwriter BC Jean to the Hartford Courant: Lyrically, it took about 15 minutes. The song started because I had the title. Toby [Gad, producer] and I had written about 11 songs together over a week or two.... So we were walking through Times Square, and I said, "I wish I were a boy." ... I said, "That pizza smells really good, and I'm trying not to eat carbs, and I wish I were a boy so I didn't care." That's how the song started, and he was like, "What else would you do if you were a boy?"... More

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