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My Pie Monday: My Inner Fatty's Bacon, Sausage, and Red Pepper Pizza

[Photograph: Nicholas/My Inner Fatty] Nicholas, who you may recognize from his Slice/SE handle, myinnerfatty, sent this one in earlier today, saying: "The pizza itself is the brainchild of a college suite that had way too much bacon, sausage, and red peppers. (Backstory here: http://www.myinnerfatty.com/2010/04/bacon-pizza-not-what-youd-think.html/) Nothing overly exotic, thick dough (inadvertently because we weren't aware of how much the dough would rise with baking) blanketed with a pound of cheese, about a pound of bacon, and a whole red bell pepper. We were forced to stuff the crust with bacon only out of necessity, as we didn't want to waste... More

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