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North Korea's Kim Jong-il Finally Gets His Pizzeria

North Korea now has its first-ever pizzeria. The Guardian reports: An obsession with pizza stretching back at least 10 years prompted the isolated nation's dictator, Kim Jong-il, to authorise North Korea's first Italian restaurant, which opened in December, according to a pro-Pyongyang newspaper published in Japan. "General Kim Jong-il said that the people should also be allowed access to the world's famous dishes," the restaurant's manager, Kim Sang-Soon, was quoted as saying in Choson Sinbo, a Tokyo-based newspaper seen as a mouthpiece for the regime. In a lengthy three-part series for Asia Times in 2001 (1, 2, 3), Italian... More

Reheated: 'I Made Pizza for Kim Jong Il'

Apologies to long-time Slice readers who may have seen this material already. In light of last night's news, we thought it'd be a disservice not to bring this story to the top of the page again with a quick reheat. So it appears that chubby pipsqueak Kim Jong Il has reared his nattily-coiffed and nutty—and now nuclear—head late yesterday with news of his country's successful test of a nuclear weapon. Our more voracious readers may have seen this story before, or elsewhere, perhaps even years ago, but we think it's worth highlighting here. What is it? It's an Italian pizzaiolo's... More

"I Made Pizza For Kim Jong Il"

We always enjoy bringing you pizza news, even moreso when it ties in with current events. That's why we've been sitting on the following epic tale for months, waiting for that chubby pipsqueak Kim Jong Il to rear his nattily-coiffed (and nutty) head. With last night's debate touching on nuclear proliferation—specifically in North Korea—and with that tragic country's so-called "Dear Leader" squaking recently about his country's having gone nuclear (or, "noo-cue-lur" as our dear leader pronounces it), well, this material couldn't be timely enough. Our more voracious readers may have seen this elsewhere, perhaps even years ago, but we... More

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