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My Pie Monday: Irish Colcannon, Stuffed Crust, Quail Eggs, and More!

Aw yeah, it's My Pie Monday time! The originality, creativity, and mouth-watering skills are all on deck this week. Girl Loves Pizza uses mozzarella sticks to smartly create a stuffed crust, Jimmyg brings it Irish style with his Colcannon-themed pie (full disclosure: I had to educate myself on the inspiration), and amusebouche1 makes his sauce from a puree of piquillo peppers. Norma427 continues her Mellow Mushroom experimentation, and dhorst laces her pie's sauce with chiles. Roasted red peppers and pancetta make tinytim a satisfying pie and unpocojmoney produced one of the best homemade Margherita's in the unpocojmoney household to date.There's... More

My Pie Monday: Bourbon Pesto, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Spanish Pizza, and Much More!

Feast your eyes on this bounty! This My Pie Monday finds us 15 pies strong. First, a warm welcome to newcomers tucra, Nico S, meatballs&milkshakes, redwgn67, and Steve Viterali! There's a hint of spring in the air this go-around and not just with the new growth in Slice'rs. Amusebouche1's asparagus and arugula topped pie and BiereBeer's homegrown arugula pizza get into the season topping-wise, and the spicy pies from Olsonmatt and Imwalkin seems like one way to get things warming up. But some of you are just plain frisky—ahem TXCraig1 and dhorst—both make some pretty good dmcavanagh references. Jimmyg explores some new techniques to an old favorite. Norma427 may be showing some signs of cabin fever with her wacky-shaped fried and baked pie or maybe Girl Loves Pizza with this week's sandwich-inspired pizza. And what says spring more than a the fecundity of wild yeast, which will now have a starring role in effanzo_mane's pies. More

My Pie Monday: Guacamole, Merguez Sausage, Calabrian Chiles, and More!

There's a baker's dozen of beauties in the line-up this fine My Pie Monday! There are at least two first time contributors this week—a warm welcome to feedmittens and Freest Rolexes. TXCraig1 and ESNY1077 break out the heat with Calabrian chiles and fresh jalapenos (note: NOT PICKLED), respectively. Not quite as spicy, but still heating things up, tomdorkey incorporates pepper salami, and red pepper flakes into his topping combo. Check out dhorst's Game Day pizza, looks like someone might be running an illegal pizza delivery operation... Amusebouche1 translates lamb stew into pizza and Girl Loves Pizza spreads on pinto beans, guac, and cheese with her seven layer dip pizza stylings. There may be some Caputo deck oven break throughs from Norma, Olsonmatt has a greek revival moment, Jimmyg combines some "out of this world" toppings, billgraney doubles up on pesto, and dmcavanagh makes a special birthday pizza. More

My Pie Monday: Rachetta, Pork Chop, Drunken Margherita, and Much More!

Happy MLK MPM! There must have been a lot of resolutions to get back in the My Pie Monday game because the galleries are chock full of gorgeous pies this week. Included in this weeks fourteen contributions we have a first time submission from spicedham (welcome!), biancas from jimmyg, a tomato pie from Imwalkin, dmcavanagh's pie's squared, a Sicilian from jkdrummer, and a tennis racket, stuffed-handle pie á la Antonio Starita from dellavechia! And that's not even the half of it. Wait until you see the pies from the rest of this week's crew: olsonmatt, norma427, effanzo_mane, bierbeer, amusebouche1, Girl Loves Pizza, shimpiphany, and dynosaurus. More

My Pie Monday: Schiacciata con l'Uva, Black Eyed Peas, Mac n Cheese, and More!

Happy My Pie Monday! From the looks of things Slice'rs were ringing in the New Year with all kinds of delicious pizzas. Dmcavanagh and Norma427 took the Tuscan track with grape studded focaccia (schiacciata con l'uva). Was there some MPM behind-the-scenes pie coordination there? Amusbouche1 made his annual New Year's smoked salmon pizza, and atmast loaded up on luck for the year with her black eyed pea topped 'Hoppin' Good' pizza. Buffalo chicken and mac n cheese formed a union on Girl Loves Pizza's pie, bacon and onion from olsonmatt made a winning combination, jimmyg got high accolades from a junior pizza lover for his sausage and pepper pizza, and BHkitchen created a New Mexican green chile half and half pie. More

My Pie Monday: McRib, Pepperpeener, Mike's Hot Honey, and More!

It may be getting cooler in your neck of the woods, but things continue to heat up with this week's My Pie Monday. Literally, spice and heat are finding their way onto a lot of pies this time around. Mike's Hot Honey is getting all kinds of love, and rightfully so! That hot nectar got worked into Nick and KK's dough and was also applied as a topping by olsonmatt. The jalapeño and pepperoni combo was also a popular duo that landed on pies by TXCraig1 and Tdough. And even those that weren't spicy, were still pretty hot. Take Norma's Nancy Silverton pizza or Jimmyg's pie made with the same flour used by the great Bonci. In addition, there are some fierce egg-topped pies; of the land and sea variety from amusebouche1 and accompanied with homemade bacon and hen of the woods mushrooms from Shimpiphany. I can't speak with experience on the spice factor here, but the McRib from JeffS is sure to spark some interest. And you know what they say that there can't be smoke without fire? Well, we've got that covered with the smoky cheese pie from Dhorst. More

My Pie Monday: Texas Rosa, Marinara, Mellow Mushroom, and More!

It's another gorgeous My Pie Monday here at Slice! This week Norma427 revisited the Mellow Mushroom recipe she had previously worked on with some delicious looking results. Billgraney un-mellowed his mushrooms by sauteing them in duck fat (omg) before topping his pie. Livefreeorpie got all pepped up with pepperoni, banana peppers, and roasted reds. But wait, there is another tri-pep variety to be found in Ev's tri-colored bell pepper and onion NY pizza. Olsonmatt made a marinara with garlic, oregano, and fried sage. (You should really already be clicking through the slideshow at this point, but if you need more cause...) TXCraig1 tried his very proficient hand at the Chris Bianco Rosa, Texas-style! (A Texan would never use Arizona nuts.) And in the spirit of Slice'rs collaborating with Slice'rs, Jimmyg tooled around with his dough holding temps this week after some productive MPM discussions on the topic. Keep up the great conversations, everyone! More

My Pie Monday: Sicilian, Neapolitan, Sourdough, and More!

There are some killer My Pie Monday pizzas this week, gang. Norma427 used her pal Steve's WFO to artfully emulate TXCraig1's Neapolitan pizzas, and you can see by the cheese Neapolitan from the man himself just why they merit emulation. Speaking of emulation, Olsonmatt created a New York classic in the style of John's or Grimaldis'. Billgraney experimented with King Arthur's Sir Lancelot flour, and MichaelinHouston met with great success using Kenji's hacker-free Neapolitan recipe. Dhorst created a pair of sourdough pies, amusebouche1 went the Mediterranean topping route, and Scott D has a vegetarian creation that he fried off in 70 seconds. Among all these first class round pies, Jimmyg represents with a standout square inspired by the Umberto's pies Adam reviewed. More

My Pie Monday: Hot Dogs, Pulled Pork, Duck Confit, and More!

Happy My Pie Monday, Slice'rs. We entered fall over the weekend, and if this round of pies is any indication of what autumnal toppings mean to you, this is about to become my new favorite pizza topping season. This is what I mean: Billgraney topped his pie with duck confit and creme fraiche; Olsonmatt piled on some pulled pork; and Amusebouche1 combined the many delicious flavors of the Iberian Peninsula onto his pizza. And how about the hot dog, pickles, and onions on dellavecchia's pie?! In the words of Tupper Cooks!, "I'd do it!" That goes just as well for the improvisational stylings of jimmyg's "pizza fail" and Tscarborough's refrigerator door (aka "pizza in a can") creation. And who wouldn't "do" TXCraig1's Margherita or a Mellow Mushroom replica á la Norma427? Even a non-pepper eater would be tempted by Ev's wood-fired pizza or dmcavanagh's Sicilian with sausage. Great looking pies all around! More

My Pie Monday: Punjabi Pizza, Pizzicletta Amore, Buffalo Chicken, and More!

Happy My Pie Monday, everyone! We've got a great variety of pies in this week's lineup. Starting with the classics, Ev pulled off a masterful Margherita from his wood-fired oven and olsonmatt goes the Sicilian route. I went with a streamlined fennel sausage only pie, while jimmyg matched fresh sausage with roasted red peppers and onion. But no MPM would be complete without some topping creativity. Take WhatKatyAteNext's classic Indian combination on a naan crust in her Punjabi Pie. And we can always count on our man amusebouche1 to provide us with topping inspiration—this week's fig, goat cheese, and speck pizza is no exception. Speaking of inspiration, get a load of the Pizzicletta replication by TXCraig1! Norma delivers one of her beautiful preferment Lehmann pies, and dmacavanagh spices up his pizza with some buffalo chicken and pepper jack. More

My Pie Monday: Proscuitto, Peaches, Figs, and More!

Happy Labor Day, Slice'rs! What a great My Pie Monday to sit back and enjoy the hard work of your fellow pie enthusiasts. Incorporating the fruits of their gardening labor, jimmyg tops his pie with lots of garden tomatoes and livefreeorpie uses homegrown marinated zucchinis and roasted red peppers. We've got donut peaches and goat cheese on a pie from amusebouche1, a fig and prosciutto pie from TXCraig1, and a mock Jet's pizza from Norma427. Dmacavanagh is also back in the pie-making swing of things with a New York style pizza with extra cheese. Plus, we have a quartet of Margheritas, each unique, from Scott D, olsonmatt, ourpunkkoala, climbhighak. More

My Pie Monday: Six Reds and a Half Dozen Whites

The dozen entries for this week's gallery are split 50/50 between pies with tomato sauce and those without. Ricotta, creme fraiche, potatoes, Alfredo sauce, and roasted garlic paste are a few of the white varieties in the line-up. In the white corner we have Amusebouche1, olsonmatt, Norma427, Scott D, ACBova, and Dhorst. On the red team, CompletelyPizza, C.Mac, flavacrisp, jimmyg, unpocojmoney, and billgraney. Red or white, they are all awesome looking pies. Check them out in the slideshow! More

My Pie Monday: Memorial Day Edition

Happy Memorial Day, Slice'rs! I hope your holiday weekend finds you firing up those outdoor ovens and throwing some dough into the grilling mix. In this week's edition of My Pie Monday it's quality over quantity. We have a Banana Nut Mystery Pie (appropriately outfitted in red, white, and blue) from Norma427, a slimmed down Sicilian by Olsonmatt, and Dhorst makes a bigger dent in her bag of pretzel salt, topping calzones and pizza dough. Plus, there's a very summery looking Chicken Taco Pie from Amusebouche1 — the perfect start to the season ahead. Looking forward to filling next week's... More

My Pie Monday: Boar Sausage, Buffalo Chicken, Deep Dish and More!

What a great source of pizza inspiration My Pie Monday is. This week, we've got a broiler-cooked boar sausage pizza from Celeriac, and an awesomely puffy pie cooked on a Big Green Egg from Linebacker U. We have spinach and hot peppers on a pizza from Ohiosfinest, and a Buffalo Chicken pizza from Ev, plus deep dish from Gregg, and more delicious-looking pies from Lila S., Jean B., ESNY1077, Norma427, and Olsonmatt. More

My Pie Monday: Luscious Topping Edition

This week's pies are glorious-looking as usual—I'm especially drawn to the toppings: Bill SFNM has a beautiful pizza loaded with vanilla-sauced shrimp, Bartonkt is rocking the Frankie's meatballs, James S went with mac and cheese, and Amusebouche1 has a whole Creole thing going on. Plus, we've got awesome pies from Frizzaldo, Tupper Cooks!, Burger 365, Olsonmatt, Phidauex, Norma427, and Jean B. More

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