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Building a Pizzeria: The Oven

Every aspect of building this pizzeria excites me: talking to my lenders, finishing my floor plan, choosing the lighting, developing the menu, purchasing the mixer. However, perhaps no singular aspect excites me more than purchasing my oven and yesterday, I sent my first wire to a bank in Naples, Italy. More

Donatella Arpaia's Blinged-Out Pizza Oven

[Photographs: Adam Kuban] This has got to be the shiniest pizza oven in NYC — maybe the world. Slice got a sneak peek at the oven and some of the pizza to come out of it last night at Donatella's, Donatella Arpaia's soon-to-open pizzeria on 19th and Eighth in Chelsea. We'll bring you pizza pics later today, but here are a few shots of the fire-breathing beauty for those of you obsessed with such things. Earlier ... Donatella's PIzza Oven: The Build-Out » Donatella's: The Oven Is Being Cured » Video: Neapolitans Talk Pizza (While Ed Levine Antagonizes Them!) »... More

Does the Type of Wood Used in a Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Matter?

I recently got this email from Vinny, a self-described pizza freak and longtime Slice'r. I thought it'd be worth opening up to everyone out there for thoughts. —The Mgmt. Aside from the pizza making & eating madness (born & raised in Brooklyn doesn't help me break the addiction!!), I'm also longtime BBQ cook and competitor.There's a lot of similarities between great, traditional pizzas and BBQ.One thing I rarely see discussed in the pizza world is the types of wood used. So much focus is put on the flour/dough making process, origins of sauce & cheese, type of bricks used, temps... More

From Serious Eats Talk: timotheos Makes DIY Portable Pizza Oven

Timotheos got creative and made a portable pizza oven that sounds ripe for tailgating: I started out searching craigslist and found a magic chef wall oven for free...I liked the idea since I was able to start with an oven..I gutted it and disassembled it then put it back together but repacking the insulation with kiln insulation..I put a inverted wok in the top to work as a dome and laid in a layer of fire-brick on the bottom where I placed a 10psi propane burner that is removable as are the firebricks..I used a corderite pizza insert for my... More

Dear Slice: Some Neapolitan Oven Facts

Reaching in to the Slice mailbag, we've got ... Dear Adam and Ed,I am forwarding you this message on behalf of APN, Associazione Pizzaioli Napoletani USA.A recent video-post on Slice (Neapolitans Talk Pizza) along with some related posts from Slice bloggers could have created some confusion on ovens for Neapolitan pizza. We would like to bring to your attention few FACTS to clarify things for your readers. 1) Ovens built in the USA Kesté's oven was built on site by a Neapolitan artisan by the name of Peppe Foglia. Sand, cement, and bricks were shipped from Napoli. As a matter... More

Donatella Arpaia Getting into the Neapolitan Pizza Game

Donatella Arpaia outside her upcoming restaurant, Donatella, with a ton (or more) of bricks for her oven. [Photograph: Joshua Bright/Diner's Journal] Looks like restaurateur and frequent Iron Chef America judge Donatella Arpaia is getting into the Neapolitan pizza game. According to this story on the New York Times's Diner's Journal blog, she's having bricks, sand, and cement all imported from Naples to build her oven and is bringing in the requisite Neapolitan oven-builders to construct it. But probably what's most interesting is that she's going to be studying pizza-making under Enzo Coccia of Pizzeria La Notizia in Naples for... More

My Pizza Oven: Pizzahacker, the Renegade Pieman of San Francisco

He appears in the evenings on the streets of San Francisco, mostly in the city's Mission District, with a heavily modified Weber kettle grill in tow. Into his "FrankenWeber" goes wood, though, not charcoal. And instead of burgers or hot dogs, the dish that Pizza Hacker cooks is, obviously, pizza. And while this scene sounds like it could veer toward "gimmick," it is anything but. Pizzahacker is the real deal, as this Q&A with him reveals. Get to know him and his craft! More

'Pizza Hacker' and His Amazing Franken-Weber

I've been sleeping on this story for a while, and for that I must apologize to you, dear reader, and to the Pizza Hacker, a pizza street vendor who I've known about for a couple months but haven't yet blogged about. The Pizza Hacker, based in San Francisco, uses a modified 22.5-inch Weber kettle grill that he's fitted with fire bricks. To mimic a traditional pizza oven, whose shape is ideal for cooking a pizza, he used the original lid to mold an oven dome from refractory cement and perlite. Pizza Hacker shows up at various locations throughout SF... More

Video: How to Make Pizza in a Makeshift Wood-Fired Brick Oven

Michael O'Malley built this wood-fired brick pizza oven recently on the side of the road in Los Angeles for a workshop through Machine Project. He then walked his students through the pizza-making steps, from shaping dough balls to maneuvering that peel. Since the oven was so scorching hot, the pizza was done in two and a half minutes. Watch the video, after the jump.... More

Quick Profile on Jay Jerrier of Il Cane Rosso

[Photograph: canerosso.tumblr.com] Dallas-area pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier, co-owner of Dallas's Campania, gets some press for his mobile-pizza-oven operation, Il Cane Rosso on the Dallas Observer's food blog, City of Ate. You may already know Jerrier as canerosso here on Slice, so you won't be surprised that he's pretty damn opinionated about his preferred style of pizza—Neapolitan. [After the jump, where to find Il Cane Rosso.]... More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Graban, Fort Worth, Texas

I'm happy to highlight Mark Graban's pizza oven here on the site today. Mark was actually the first Slice reader to ever contact me and send me links and info about a backyard pizza oven. This must have been back in early 2007 or so. Since then, I've checked in on his blog* periodically to see what he's up to. Without further ado, let's fire up this Q&A! --The Mgmt. [Photographs: Mark Graban] When did you put it in? Our inspiration for the oven was the world-famous (rightfully so) Pizzeria Bianco. My wife and I used to live in Phoenix,... More

My Pizza Oven: Mark Wilkie, Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

When I put out a call for people to be featured in the My Pizza Oven series, I never thought I'd get a response from someone who lived a mile away from me in Brooklyn. I mean, it's New York City--not that many people have their own yards here, and of those who do, how many are crazy* enough to put in a backyard pizza oven? Nice to see an oven grow here. --The Mgmt. Mark Wilkie's oven--just finished over the weekend. [Photographs: Mark Wilkie] You put a pizza oven in the garden of your Brooklyn home. First question, then:... More

My Pizza Oven: Nick and Robin Gladdis, Paso Robles, California

Last week I blogged up Steve O.'s backyard pizza oven in Wisconsin, asking at the end of that post for photos and stories from any other home-based pizza-makers. Not more than nine hours later, Nick Gladdis's email came in: Adam,I'll bite. Here are some shots of an oven my wife, Robin, and I built, completely, over the course of eight months in 2008. And for the weenies who say they can't, I'm 65 years old. Best thing we ever did, and it complements our olive farm (10 acres with six planted in just less than 1,900 trees). All this... More

My Pizza Oven: Steve O. in Wisconsin

Wisconsin home pizza-maker Steve O. emailed me these pix of his backyard wood-burning pizza oven. So I asked him some questions. Here's a Q&A with him. --The Mgmt. When did you put it in, who put it in; did you hire someone? I put it in a few years ago with the help of a good friend of mine, Corey. We did everything except for the masonary part of the oven. How often do you use it? Probably eight times a month in the warmer weather, but during the colder months, probably only twice a month. I have been known... More

Alan Scott, Wood-Fired-Oven Builder, 72

The New York Times ran an obit yesterday for Alan Scott, who died on January 26 in Tasmania, Australia. Scott was the driving force behind California-based Ovencrafters, a small company that revolutionized the way backyard brick-oven bakers—and not a small amount of commercial ones—baked their breads and pizza. The Times says: Several thousand amateur bread bakers and thin-crust pizza makers now have backyard brick ovens, many with cathedral-like arches, that were built either by Mr. Scott, with Mr. Scott or according to specifications he laid out with his protégé Daniel Wing in their 1999 book, The Bread Builders. More than... More

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