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Dear Slice: 'Regarding the Album Packaging by Horse the Band'

Looks like the Jonas Brothers pizza video post started a cascade of email. --The Mgmt. Adam, Although the packaging by Horse the Band was fairly enjoyable, it was sorta already done years ago by Gainesville, Florida's Less Than Jake.The record was called Rock and Roll Pizzeria. It was put out by No Idea Records and came in a hand-silk-screened pizza box with a magnet, guest check, and menu.Around 1996.Just a heads up.--James... More

Dear Slice: Forget the Jonas Bros.; Here's Horse the Band

I knew I was going to get some crap about the Jonas Brothers post from yesterday morning. Slicester Josh G. writes in with this. --The Mgmt. Photograph from Talk About the Passion Adam,If you're going to have The Jonas Brothers showing up on your blog, you should also know about the Pizza EP by Horse the Band.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pizza_(EP)I purchased the record when it came out because the packaging is awesome. It comes in a pizza box, looks like a pizza, and there were coupons and even one of those table things that keeps the cheese from sticking to the box.http://www.tatp.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/horsethebandpizza.jpgThanks, Josh... More

Pizza Box Museum: Domino's, December 12, 2008

"Domino's not responsible for pizzas ruined reading this message." Feistyfoodie said: Did no one notice Adam's comment about having funny messages printed on the bottom of the boxes? Somewhere, some poor sap is excitedly clutching his computer-ordered pizza box, flipping it upside down to read this message, and shrieking in idiotic horror as the pizza flies out and lands on the floor, cheese-side down. akk328 replied: @feisty - I noticed, and I couldn't believe Adam didn't say what it was!! It's a trick...now we all have to order. =) No one has to order, because I did it for... More

New Line of Frozen Pizza Called UGLY

How superficial are you when it comes to pizza? Do you like supermodel-caliber pie or will a less attractive version do? Frozen food manufacturer Schwan recently launched a brand of pizzas called UGLY to underscore that it's not always about the looks. Sometimes it's what's inside that counts--in this case, "natural, honest ingredients." [via The Dieline]... More

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