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My Pie Monday: Cherry Tomatoes, BBQ Chicken, Chili Cheese Dog Pizza(?!), and More!

Summer is coming on in a big way and it shows on My Pie Monday. Garden grown basil makes an appearance on Burger365's pie, and cherry tomatoes appear on pizzas by dhorst and Norma427. Jamesws gets the grill going for pizza and I take a pizza for the grill indoors. The flavors of summer arrive in the form of barbecue chicken from Kitchennoob, and a chili cheese dog topped pie from Amusebouche1! The ladies at Passion4pizza "keep it simple" with a white pie and Chef Snausy makes cast-iron skillet pizza. More

My Pie Monday: Cary Steiner's Margherita Pizza from the International School of Pizza in SF

[Photograph: Cary Steiner/Passion-4-Pizza.com] Cary Steiner of Passion-4-Pizza sends this one in: I made this pizza on day two of Tony Gemignani's pizza class in San Francisco, in the wonderful 900°F oven at Tony's Pizza Napoletana. It's a 'reasonably' traditional Margherita: San Felice '00' flour, fior di latte mozzarella, wonderful tomatoes (I won't tell you what kind! I won't!), and basil. The pizza was in the oven for 90 seconds—OK, maybe 93. You had already linked to the story at http://www.passion-4-pizza.com/tony-gemignani.html, so please don't feel compelled to link; I'm just really proud of this pie! Yeah, I did link to... More

'There's No Mastering of It. You Engage'

I just caught up on Passion-4-Pizza's interview with Phoenix pizza man Chris Bianco. I love this exchange: P4P: I was always intimidated about making pizza. Growing up in Brooklyn I've seen a lot of pizza being made and I always thought, "I can't do that," and my wife and I have really just started making pizza. The initial stuff, making the dough and putting on the cheese and tomatoes, it seems like it doesn't take long to learn but I guess it takes a lifetime to master.Chris Bianco: You never master it, I don't care how many lifetimes, and that's... More

Quote and Comment of the Day: 'I'm Disturbed by This Movement'

I was one foot out the door, running to catch a plane yesterday when I posted a list of links that included Passion-4-Pizza's "Twenty Minutes with Chris Bianco" interview. But an interesting item from Cary and Lillian Steiner's chat really deserved the kind of time I didn't have to give it. Luckily, seriouspizza did my job for me in the comments: Twenty minutes with Chris Bianco. [P4P]: "We start to look at it, turn it upside down, check the upskirt, the downskirt, all this kind of crap, it's really disturbing. I'm disturbed by this movement." —Chris Bianco Me too. Particularly... More

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