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The Pizza Lab: Pesto Pizza

The Pizza Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 23 comments

Back when I was a wee food labber who spent his summers at band camp,* my favorite day of the summer was when the camp's cook, Glen, would make his pesto. We'd have a camp-wide pesto spaghetti eating contest, in which I may have been the only competitor. This simultaneously made me a winner and a complete loser each time. What can I say? I loved my pesto back then as much as I love it now. Today, we're gonna stick it on pizza. But first, a few words to the wise. More

Poll: Nuts on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Polls Niki Achitoff-Gray 24 comments

Nuts seems to be all over pizza menus these days, and it's more than just the relatively traditional instances of pine nuts and pesto-like purées. Do you "do" pizza nuts? And if so, how do you like 'em served? More

Poll: Pesto on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Meredith Smith 7 comments

[Photograph: Bill SFNM] Last week we featured a pesto Daily Slice reviewed by Seth Mazow. And there have been others of late. So, what's the consensus on pesto pies? Are you pro pesto or strictly devoted to the red sauce? Pesto on Pizza: Way or No Way?online surveys... More

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