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My Pie Monday: Eric S.'s Guanciale, Pineapple, and Green Chile Pizza

My Pie Monday Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: Eric S.] A new name to add to the roster of MPM'rs: Eric S., who says: Hey, Slice'rs,I'm Eric from San Francisco. I couldn't make it to Tony Gemignani's new opening, so here's the pie I made (my first submission to MPM!).The dough is Peter Reinhardt's New York style, but with the dough divided into two rather than three balls. (That lets me roll out the pie to 18 inches or so rather than just 14 inches.) I was only able to rise it 10 hours in the fridge, but it was still nice and yeasty. Baked for... More

I Just Had to Try It

Adam Kuban 29 comments

Megs no Z said: I love it. I'm ashamed to say that one of my favorite pizza's is a no-cheese double pineapple on thin crust from Domino's! Something about the combination of pineapple, oregano, and sauce is just nommy. I've been known to lightly saute pineapple and oregano together at home and then dip it in pizza sauce for a snack. Putting on a pizza is just a cleaner delivery vehicle! You mean like this? [Photograph: Adam Kuban] See also: I Love Pineapple Pizza and Pineapple Pizza — Way or No Way?... More

Pineapple Pizza. I Love It. Get Over It.

Girl Slice 95 comments

Republicans versus Democrats. Israel versus Palestine. The God-fearing versus the heathen. Godfather I versus Godfather II. These are topics that normal people steer away from, in fear of explosive family dinners and friendships torn asunder. For pizza lovers, one of the most arguably controversial topics is...PINEAPPLE PIZZA. I fall squarely into the I Love Pineapple Pizza Camp. More

'Slice' Poll: Pineapple Pizza - Way or No Way?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 127 comments

I think that when we started doing "Way or No Way" polls on Slice, you, dear reader, knew somewhere in the back of your mind that this day would come. Yes, this week's poll takes on perhaps one of the most controversial topics in all of pizzadom Pineapple on a pizza — way or no way? » More

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