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The WORST Baking Surface for Pizza

Adam Kuban 23 comments


"Epic pizza fail. Son of a friend of mine tried to heat up a frozen pizza in the oven - with a plastic cutting board underneath it."


The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 7: The Pizza Screen

dbcurrie 25 comments

If you haven't seen one up close and personal, a pizza screen is just what it sounds like. Mine is exactly 14 inches in diameter, and is made from expanded aluminum with a solid aluminum rim. The theory is that the screen allows the heat of the oven to hit the dough directly. More

The Best Surface for Baking Pizza, Part 5: Baking Stone

dbcurrie 21 comments

Go shopping for a new pizza stone, and you'll find a huge variety of surfaces, from metal to clay to natural stone to man-made composites. If you were going solely by recommendations from respected testers, you might settle on the baking stone sold by King Arthur Flour. I decided to put it to the test. More

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