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An Interesting 'Experiment' Demonstrating How Pizza Blisters Form

I got this email from Foolish Poolish last night, with the subject line, "You might find this interesting." Well, FP, I think the Slice'rs would find this interesting, too, so I hope you don't mind me sharing it. And, how apropos, given the NYT story that ran this morning. Observe and learn! —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Foolish Poolish] Here is a dough ball. The dough was mixed from just 160g flour and 100g water (no leavening) and left to rest for 20 minutes.During that 20 minutes, the broiler has been directly heating a pizza stone sitting xx" away from the heating... More

The Biggest Pizza Bubble Ever?

So, yeah, this has been on Flickr since March 2007, but Raphael just pointed it out to me now. When I was a kid and my dad owned a pizzeria, we used dough dockers to prevent this, but when I get a slice with a bubble, I quite like how it pulls up, sloughs off its cheese and gets extra crisp. This is the biggest pizza bubble I've ever seen. But if you've seen one bigger, send me a pic or a link to one, and who knows, maybe I'll send you something from the pile of pizza crap... More

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