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Dear Slice: Check Out My Birthday Pizza Cake!

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got ... Hi Adam, Avid pizza eater, and Slice reader here. I stumbled upon this secret birthday cake that my girlfriend was trying to hide above the refrigerator last night. Yes, today's my birthday (and, no, this isn't a shameless self-promotion). Instead of angel food or chocolate cake, I'll be eating pizza. Possibly for dinner, too. We're familiar with local pizza spots in San Francisco, but do you have a "must go" for a birthday celebration? Thanks for your help, and long live pepperoni. --Chris C.... More

How to Make a Pizza-Themed Cake

Clicking in to the Slice inbox, we've got this awesome email about making a pizza cake! Yes, kids, this is a cake! I wanted to share a story of pizza (and cake) with Slice readers. A few weeks ago, as my boyfriend Jed's birthday was approaching, he decided to plan a party with another friend of ours at her apartment in Manhattan. The invitation promised homemade pizzas by the man himself, and I did not doubt it—Jed is always down for a pizza party. Pizza has actually played a major role in our relationship. I remember one of the first... More

Pizza-Shaped Birthday Cake

Editor's note: Clicking over to the Slice inbox, we've got this great message and pix. --The Mgmt. Hi Adam,I am CaneRosso on Slice, and I thought you might think these photos were cool. I own a pizzeria in Dallas called Campania Pizza, and my wife had a surprise party for my 40th there Saturday night. At any rate, here are a few pics of the cake she had a friend make. --R.J.... More

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