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Scott's Pizza Chronicles: A Brief History of the Pizza Slicer

The development of the pizza wheel is much more schizophrenic than its larger counterpart, but its principle is identical. The wheel uses the same perpendicular impact method to puncture its prey but does so with a circular blade rather than the more cumbersome long blade of the mezzaluna. As previously mentioned, there was no need to quickly dice up a pizza into even units until slice culture rolled around in the middle of the 20th century. At that time, simple table knives were used to divide pies (ie Delorenzo's Tomato Pies in Trenton) but powerful alternatives lurked within unrelated industries. In the case of the pizza wheel, it all starts with wallpaper. More

Video: Star Trek Pizza Cutter

This combines two things I hold dear: pizza and sci-fi. Want. It's $24.99 (plus S&H), from thinkgeek.com, and, yes, it's officially licensed. Fun to see that the folks behind the Star Trek franchise have a sense of humor. [via seemunkee] More Sci/Sci-Fi/Pizza Cutters ... Video: Laser Pizza Cutter » Q&A with Pizza Cutter Artist Frankie Flood » Crazy-Ass Anal Retentive Pizza Cutter » Video: Pizza Plotter Applies Sauce to Pies » Video: Doctor Who Tries to Call U.N.I.T., Gets Pizza Geronimo Instead » Video: Every Jelly Baby Scene in Doctor Who » A Primer to Star Trek Food »... More

Q&A: Frankie Flood, Pizza Cutter Artist

This week's Q&A is with artist and professor Frankie Flood, the man behind those amazing pizza cutters we've seen surface online throughout the years. —The Mgmt. [Photographs: Frankie Flood] Name: Frankie Flood Location: Milwaukee Occupation: Acting head of Jewelry and Metalsmithing at University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee Website: frankieflood.com You're head of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing Department at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and took a master's degree at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in metals. So that explains your skill in executing these cutters, huh? I am currently acting area head of the Jewelry and Metalsmithing area at the Peck School of... More

Dear Internet: These Awesome Cool Motorcycle-Inspired Pizza Cutters Are the Work of Artist FRANKIE FLOOD

Dear Internet,
Yes, Slice has seen these awesomely cool pizza cutters. You can stop sending us the link now.

Since so many of the oh-neat-look-at-this/design blogs out there fail to credit the man who made them, let us just say for the record that they were created by artist FRANKIE FLOOD, who, according to his website is "an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, where he teaches in Foundations and is currently co-area head in Jewelry & Metalsmithing at UWM."

That is all. Carry on.

UPDATE: We interview pizza-cutter artist Frankie Flood »


Brother-on-Brother Dispute Ends in Pizza-Cutter Slashing

Gold Knuckle by artist and metalsmith Frankie Flood. Dhorst sends along this link to a Syracuse pizza-related crime story: Robert Rainey said he was choking Reon Rainey in the kitchen when Reon Rainey picked up the pizza cutter and used it on Robert Rainey's face. Robert Rainey told police he didn't want his brother prosecuted because the incident was "not a big deal" with him, the arrest report states. It was about "something stupid." It always is.... More

Crazy-Ass Anal-Retentive Pizza Cutter

Cuts eight perfectly even slices—as long as you center it, I suppose. Perfect for octomoms wishing to avoid sibling squabbling over who got the bigger piece. And all for the low, low price of $190! From A Best Kitchen. [via DVice; thanks, Karen!]... More

British Parliament Scandal Widens

Photograph from ** Maurice ** on Flickr If you haven't been paying attention to news from the U.K., some members of Parliament have come under fire in the last week for taking liberties with their expense accounts, including hedge-trimming, moat-clearing(!), and tennis-court repairs at their homes. Who knew there would be a pizza angle, though? One member of Parliament bought so much in the upscale food section of the department store Marks & Spencer that he got a free pizza wheel. Blimey!... More

Circular Saw Pizza Cutter

Sadly, the Pizza Pro 3000 pizza cutter is not a functioning circular saw. Although, if it were, things could get nasty fast—and you'd need safety goggles at dinner time. It's yet another novelty pizza cutter for the pizza freak in your life. Release date and price TBD from Fred & Friends [via Nerd Approved. Thanks, Humes!]... More

Cut the Perfect Slice

Cut the perfect slice with the Pizza Pro. Looks a little unwieldy, but you gotta hand it to them—combining the pie-wedge spatula on the side of these gigantic scissors. No more goopy, lopsided messes. [via Beef Aficionado]... More

Round and Round: Pizza Cutter Test

The Chicago Tribune takes nine pizza cutters out for a test spin. This being a Chicago paper, its judging skewed more toward wheels that could handle deep dish: We wanted a cutter that could make slices without too much effort, cutting but not crushing that thick outer crust, and with wheels big enough to navigate the fillings. The smaller wheels got gobbled up by the pizza; in some cases the safety guards were so close to the wheels that cheese and sauce collected on the base--a mess for sure, but also robbing our servings of those tasty ingredients. Finally, we... More

The NyFork

Sure, they all blogged it last week, but who among them bought it? Who among them spent their hard-earned money on a NyFork? Who among them risked life and limb (well, tongue and finger, more like it) to test this gizmo for its effectiveness in service to the pizza-eating public? That's right: Nobody. This blog alone braved the dual dangers of hot pizza and sharp slicer (so sharp, in fact, that it is "not recommended for use by small children") to bring you this report. I received my set of two NyForks yesterday afternoon at the office. Instead of... More


Slice started using that del.icio.us web-based tag/bookmark thing last week, seeing as how all these blogger folk are doing it. Upon signing up, we did a quick search to see what sort of pizza stuff (of course) was on there and found this pizza cutter–fork. We tucked it away in our bookmarks meaning to bring it to you and post about it after we had received and tested our forks. Unfortunately, Boing Boing, the "Directory of Wonderful Things," forced our hand with its post this morning. Anyway, for the two people who haven't seen this already, take a look. It's... More

Slice-cycles: Pizza Cutters as Art

Take a spin: Artist Frankie Flood's pizza cutters take inspiration from chopper motorcycles and fringe culture. Clockwise from top left: Mantis (2003), Psycho Pizza Cadillac (2003), Easy Rider (2001), Pizza for Life (2002), and Phatboy (2003). [Credit: Frankie Flood] Some of you might have caught these pizza cutters yesterday on gadget blog Gizmodo. If you didn't see them there, behold them here. Artist Frankie Flood creates "machined pizza cutters [that] draw inspiration from chopper motorcycles and attempt to reclaim the mythology and economic usefulness of the American worker as patriarch; translating machine or functional object into flesh and blood."... More

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