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A Pizza-Eating Feat for the Ages

Stronger than ever as the month comes to an end [Photograph: Ron Kaplan] Just three weeks ago, I introduced you to a man who was a week into his effort to complete what might be the greatest pizza-eating feat in the history of humankind. Thanks to an article in the Chicago Tribune, we now know the man's name is Craig Scharoff, he has a remarkably forgiving palate, and that if he made it through the entire month of October eating no food other than sausage pizza (with optional additional toppings), he stood to make a four-figure sum. Well, October... More

An Epic Quest For Pizza Immortality: Eating Nothing But Sausage Pizza for a Month

Going strong on Day 4. The place: An unknown office in the Chicago area The date: Late September 2009 The event: The birth of an American Hero How many among us have made the claim that we could eat nothing but pizza for the rest of our lives? I certainly have on more than one occasion, and the typical responses range from silence to mild amusement. Occasionally, someone calls me out, which leads to immediate backtracking on my part. Nobody, I reason, could actually eat nothing but pizza. No human being, I think to myself, could possibly be that... More

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