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Video: Pizza Crust Made from a Whole Suckling Pig

You may have seen this when we blogged it last year, but it just popped up on Reddit and is making the rounds on the internet again. In this video a Portuguese chef uses an entire, flattened suckling pig as this pizza's crust. Would any of you care to see the Pizza Lab tackle this? Or see what Serious Eats' Nasty Bits columnist Chichi Wang could do with it? Maybe a Pizza Lab–Nasty Bits all-star tag-team mashup? ;)... More

Full English Breakfast Pizza

[Photograph: jerakeen on Flickr] I like the full English breakfast, and I like pizza, but I'm not sure if I'd want to combine the two. Sure, this photo was uploaded to Flickr in 2005, but it's new to me. I just found it on oddee.com's roundup of "the 13 weirdest pizzas." Also in weird-pizza roundup posts, Urlesque does a "Pizza Is Crazy in Asia" video perp walk. But, hey, faithful Slice readers, you already knew that.... More

Two Idiot Domino's Employees Do Nasty Things to Food, Upload Videos, Get Fired

See the videos, at Consumerist. Wow. I love how quickly this went down. Last night, at 7:26 p.m., Consumerist posted videos that some dumbass Domino's employees had taken showing one of them doing disgusting things with food that was presumably sent out to customers--putting banana peppers up his nose and then on a sandwich, sneezing on cheesy bread. Consumerist readers, using the YouTube account handle and the few identifiable details they could see in the videos, tracked down the Domino's location this occurred in and alerted Domino's corporate. By 10:26 a.m. this morning came word from Domino's HQ that... More

Two Sides to Every Story: At Least One Blogger Loves the Hot Dog-French Fry Pizza

Off the Wall Dining I get called out for my narrowmindedness on the blog Off the Wall Dining: Bloggers like Kuban have been way too critical of this pizza as though the owners committed a sin. After all, how strange can it really be when people eat anchovies on pizza? I mean, fish on pizza seems much more unusual than hot dogs and french fries on a pizza. Well, I tried it and loved it. "... fish on pizza seems much more unusual than hot dogs and french fries on a pizza." Um, no. No, it doesn't. Pizzeria Reginella... More

In Which I Eat the Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza at Pizzeria Reginella

Or, 'Fools Rush In Where Krieger Fears to Tread' Pizzeria Reginella's Reginella Special 193 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11201 (b/n Court and Clinton streets; map); 718-522-2880 The Skinny: Strangely enough, hot dogs and french fry pizzas are commonly found in Italy. But just because it's Italian doesn't mean it's good. I mean, hello, Fabio for example? Price: Small, $16.50; large $18.90; slice, $2.90 I was working from home this morning when I saw the hot dog and french fry pizza on Eater. The photo of it there was taken by "Daniel Krieger (who for the record, did not try a... More

Hot Dog and French Fry Pizza at Reginella

Eater Though it's hard to see in this photo (or in the one at Eater, where it comes from), this pizza has hot dogs and french fries on it. You should have no problem, however, discerning how ridiculous and offensive to pizzakind this is. It's available at Pizzeria Reginella, a recently opened joint in on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights. (Small, $16.50; large $18.90; slice, $2.90.) Pizzeria Reginella 193 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11201 (b/n Court and Clinton streets; map) 718-522-2880... More

Kansas City's Grinders and Its Tater Tot Chili Pizza, on 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'

Madness lies ahead, at Eat Me Daily. Kansas City, I love you. I spent my formative years in your metro area. But this nonsense is why we had to break up. You will forever be synonymous with barbecue and pretty little women, but you will never be known as a pizza town. How could you, with this crazy-ass Tater Tot–Chili Pizza at Grinders? The Eat Me Daily weblog has video of the monstrosity. Grinders 417 East 18th Street, Kansas City MO 64108 (b/n Oak and Locust streets; map) 816-472-5454... More

Ed Levine's Questionable Pizza Practices: Do You Leave Your Pies Out Overnight? For Two Nights?

How long do you leave your pizza out on the counter? Overnight? Longer? Not at all? Photograph by Robyn Lee As you may have seen already, Grub Street featured Serious Eats head honcho Ed Levine as the subject of its "New York Diet" column, in which a noted celeb or food person recounts his or her week's intake. Zach Brooks gives you links here to many of the places Ed mentions in the interview, but I'm more interested in what this diet snapshot reveals to the rest of the world about Ed's pizza practices. Get a loada this: And... More

Mama Rosa's Minis: Scary Pizzas with Cheese that Does Not Melt

There was some racket going on in the Slice–Serious Eats office recently, so our web mastermind, Raphael, and I went to the nearby grocery store to look for weird food. I picked up the Mama Rosa's Mini Mama's [sic] pizza pack at right. I think there's something scary and completely wrong about a pizza whose cheese does not melt. And the crazy orange color. I didn't even bother with the upskirt.... More

Dear Slice: The Most Disgusting Pizza Ever?

Hey guys, love reading the site, wish I had more independent pizzerias here in the U.K. rather than the same old chains. Still, I'll be building a wood oven in my garden this year so I'll have authentic taste. Anyhow, I think I have found the most disgusting "pizza" yet (if you can call it that)--with a video on how to make it. [Video follows after the jump; warning--it will play automatically. --The Mgmt.] Love to know your thoughts: http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-make-pizza-lamb-leg-steaks Regards, Matthew P. Debden, Essex, UK... More

Scary Pizza: 'Fear Factor' Slice With Worms and Fish Eyes

Hope you got yr barf bag ready, peeps, cuz I got the NASTIEST slice of pizza you could ever hope to run away from. It's a slice of pizza from a long-ago episode of Fear Factor and features a bile-based crust, cow-blood sauce, stinky cheese, and is topped with fish eyes and live worms. Yeeeech! Here is what Fear Factor contestant Shelby Smith had to say about eating it: Between all the coagulated blood and the cheese and the worms, I don't think I could even, at the time, differentiate what was in my mouth. I didn't even feel the... More

Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza

We just had the Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza delivered here at the office. It's about as good as you think it would be. (How's that for damning something with faint praise?) The base layer is a thin crust that would be reminiscent of graham cracker if it weren't so bland, topped by a vanilla icing, with some Oreo crumbles applied atop in a swirled pattern. This 10-inch dessert pizza is $3.99 with any purchase, but it would be an unthinkable order addition even at $0.00. Related: Domino's Oreo Dessert Pizza commercial... More

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