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In Prank, Man Orders $4,000 of Pizza, Doesn't Pick Up

Wow. Lame prank. A man posing as a member of Bob Dylan's road crew — wearing a Dylan backstage pass after Bobby Z. played a show at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst — ordered 178 pizzas from Antonio's Pizza in the college town and said he'd pick them up later to deliver to the singer and his entourage. Workers stayed until 5 a.m. to finish the order, and the New Jersey man never showed. The unidentified prankster, through his lawyer, later agreed to pay the $4,000 tab. More

Video: Pizza Hunt on 'Kell on Earth'

Warning. This is a waste of about 4 minutes. Think before clicking play, because you can never get that time back. I'm only posting here in the interest of Total Pizza Information Awareness. I didn't even know this show, Kell on Earth, existed until Tia of Bionic Bites @tweeted us about it to our @slice account. Thanks, Tia. (I think.) I guess what's happening is that two of fashion PR flack Kelly Cutrone's employees are having a "pizza hunt" of some sort. They go to Lombardi's, John's, and Bleecker Street Pizza. I'll save you the trouble: John's wins. Seems... More

Marginally Pizza-Related: 'Bea Arthur, Mountains, Pizza'

[Photograph: http://beaarthurmountainspizza.tumblr.com/] I was a huge photography nerd in high school. (At some point during my senior year, my day comprised at least three hours of photo-related time — Photojournalism I or II [for the newspaper and yearbook], Advanced Photo II, and Directed Study/Photo Lab Assistant.) Learning about composition, exposure, and all the technical aspects were crucial, sure, but perhaps the most important lesson my teacher, Mr. Evans, taught me came when he gave our Beginning Photo class thematic assignments. In assigning the week's theme ("Contrast," "Things Out of Place," "Happiness," for instance), I'll never forget this bit of... More

Crazy-Ass Anal-Retentive Pizza Cutter

Cuts eight perfectly even slices—as long as you center it, I suppose. Perfect for octomoms wishing to avoid sibling squabbling over who got the bigger piece. And all for the low, low price of $190! From A Best Kitchen. [via DVice; thanks, Karen!]... More

Who We're Cheesed Off at Now: D.C. Councilman Jim Graham

Update: Councilman Denies Calling for Late-Night Jumbo Slice Ban Washington, D.C., Councilman (and chronic bow-tie-wearer) Jim Graham is proposing a ban on single-slice sales in the capital's Adams-Morgan neighborhood, claiming that "jumbo slice" pizzerias are helping stoke violence on 18th Street there. Of course, the large number of bars on the street wouldn't have anything to do with that, would they? Slice calls bullshit on Graham and would remind him that pizza doesn't kill people—people do. Do we need a constitutional amendment to protect late-night jumbo slice sales? We'd love to read Liza and Gary's take on all this. Update:... More

Slice vs. Vice: Stone-Coal WRONG

Best-of lists are opinions, and opinions are like assholes—everybody's got one. Am I right? But there's opinion and then there's fact. Sometimes folks come down with some wack stuff that mixes opinion and so-called fact, getting us all to the point where we don't know what to believe. That's when Slice pulls out the truth hammer and gives someone a knock on the skull with it. Witness Vice magazine's statement about Lee's Tavern from that pizza list we mentioned yesterday: "Their coal-oven pizzas surpass the vaunted Lombardi’s and just about every other place we’ve tried." Let's break it down.... More

"I Made Pizza For Kim Jong Il"

We always enjoy bringing you pizza news, even moreso when it ties in with current events. That's why we've been sitting on the following epic tale for months, waiting for that chubby pipsqueak Kim Jong Il to rear his nattily-coiffed (and nutty) head. With last night's debate touching on nuclear proliferation—specifically in North Korea—and with that tragic country's so-called "Dear Leader" squaking recently about his country's having gone nuclear (or, "noo-cue-lur" as our dear leader pronounces it), well, this material couldn't be timely enough. Our more voracious readers may have seen this elsewhere, perhaps even years ago, but we... More

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