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48-Inch Pizza from Randy's Premier Pizza

Adam Kuban 9 comments

If you missed last night's episode of the Food Network's Outrageous Food, which featured Randy's Premier Pizza of Oakdale, Minnesota, here's a picture of owner Randy Hueffmeier (right) making the giant "nine-person" pizza with the show's host, Tom Pizzica. More

Video: Pizza Crust Made from a Whole Suckling Pig

Adam Kuban 7 comments

You may have seen this when we blogged it last year, but it just popped up on Reddit and is making the rounds on the internet again. In this video a Portuguese chef uses an entire, flattened suckling pig as this pizza's crust. Would any of you care to see the Pizza Lab tackle this? Or see what Serious Eats' Nasty Bits columnist Chichi Wang could do with it? Maybe a Pizza Lab–Nasty Bits all-star tag-team mashup? ;)... More

Munchmobile Pizza Patrol Finds Best Pizza in New Jersey

Adam Kuban 34 comments

[Photograph: Star-Ledger Pizza Patrol] The story: The Star-Ledger in New Jersey has gone nuts this week, posting the results of a six-month-long pizza fact-finding mission throughout the Garden State. Starting today, The Star-Ledger counts down to the most significant event in New Jersey pizza history: the announcement of the winners in a nearly-six-month-long quest.Monday: Discover how pizza became the world's most popular food, and its place in the U.S. and in New Jersey.Tuesday: Learn all about the four pizza fanatics of the Pizza Patrol, who drove 9,000 miles in the Munchmobile, sampling 1,000 slices.Wednesday: Pizza man extraordinaire Al Santillo... More

Video: An entire, flattened suckling pig used as a pizza crust

Adam Kuban 13 comments

Oh, boy. Not even Pizza Hut (the U.S. division or its much more diabolical Asian incarnations) could come up with a crust this insane. In this video (after the jump) a Portuguese chef uses an entire, flattened suckling pig as this pizza's foundation. I think this whole pork thing has now gone way too far.... More

Customized Pizza-Themed Keds

Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: Pizzalicious] Lauren of the blog Pizzalicious points out that you can make customized pizza-themed Keds. Sure enough. Go to the Keds Collective customizer and you can upload your own images onto the upper, tongue, heel, outside quarter, and inside quarter. The shoes start at $60 for women and $50 for kids. Sadly, men's options are "coming soon." I think Lauren's design is just about perfect, but I wanted to get into the shoe-design business myself, so I whipped up a pair of my own (after the jump).... More

Jeff Varasano, of Patsy's Reverse-Engineer Fame, Profiled in the 'New York Times'

Adam Kuban 1 comment

How cool is this? In September 2006, Jeff Varasano's Pizza Page blew up like mad when Boing Boing and all the other biggies linked to it. You see, Varasano announced on his page that he was finally satisfied with his at-home Patsy's clone. Well, the New York Times finally noticed—took 'em two years—and runs a great profile on Jeff. It's full of charming anecdotes about his travails while cooking with an oven modified to bake pizza during the self-clean cycle: In the steel floor of the lower oven, there is a jagged, dime-size hole, made when an errant piece of... More

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