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If You See This Man Making Your Pizza, Run for the Hills

A teaser for the next installment of Top This. I'm guessing you can guess what topping combo might be up next.... While shooting photos for it earlier today, I was put on pizza duty. I took a pie from dough ball to oven to plate. The professional assessment: "It's a little undercooked. There are soft spots in here."... More

The Most Awesome Recycling Bundle EVER

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] OK, the above pile of discarded, greasy pizza boxes would be nothing special in New Haven, but I have to admit I had a strange pizza daydream as I was downloading slices from them into freezer bags for storage in my Brooklyn home. As I said to Girl Slice: "Do you know that if a pizza connoisseur walked by this pile on recycling day, he or she WOULD FREAK? This is like if you put out empty boxes for Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation on the same day. Like the day after Christmas. But greasier." Girl Slice's... More

Tombstone Pizza Vending Machine

This Tombstone deep-dish-pizza vending machine made the rounds on the blogs yesterday. K., of the site She Eats, found it on the Houston Architecture Info Forum (registration required). K., perhaps, set the tone of the online discussion, calling it a sign of the apocalypse. But I'd like to advocate for this thing. I, for one, welcome this technological development. I've been gunning to try pizza from a vending machine for years now. The folks at Wonderpizza haven't been able to get on the horse, but it looks like Tombstone, a division of Kraft Foods, has the money and gumption to... More

Cut the Perfect Slice

Cut the perfect slice with the Pizza Pro. Looks a little unwieldy, but you gotta hand it to them—combining the pie-wedge spatula on the side of these gigantic scissors. No more goopy, lopsided messes. [via Beef Aficionado]... More

C.R.U.S.T.™: 'Clear Resolution Upskirt Scanning Technology'

Late yesterday afternoon, I posted about my experiment with scanned pizza upskirt shots and asked readers what I might call them. Friend of Slice Dan Dickinson came up with "C.R.U.S.T. — Clear Resolution Upskirt Scanning Technology." I like it, so from now on, any scanned upskirts will be known as "C.R.U.S.T.™ shots" or "C.R.U.S.T.s™". Also, I think it could stand for "Clear Resolution Upskirt Scanning Technique," if you're referring to the process as a whole. So I will probably use them interchangeably. So, thank you, Dan! Next time we're eating pizza together, it's on me! [After the jump, the results... More

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