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VIDEO: These Kids Bands Are Really Serious About Pizza

Niki Achitoff-Gray 2 comments

These approximately six to eight children may be the ultimate pizza gladiators. Their weapons? Sweet, sweet, slightly terrifying music. More

Video: Julia Nunes' Pizza Song

Meredith Smith 2 comments

YouTube video sensation Julia Nunes recently released her fourth album called Settle Down. This short, sweet song titled "Pizza" caught my attention. Give it a listen. About the author: Meredith Smith is the Slice editor. You can follow her on Twitter: @mertsmith.... More

Free Pizza with Christmas Tree

Meredith Smith 2 comments

A recent article in the The Cape Cod Times featured a pizzeria in Dennisport selling Christmas trees, and the best part, giving away a free pie with each purchase of each conifer. The owner reasons, "If you think right, the Christmas colors are white, green, and red. All the colors we got on a pizza dough." True that! More

Pizza Is a Vegetable Song

Meredith Smith Post a comment

So if you haven't heard this yet, now you can! The monotony of it is downright haunting. This is a vegetable, this is pizza, here is a vegetable, here is pizza, pizza is a vegetable, pizza is vegetable, pizza is a vegetable.... you get the point. More

Video: Imagine There's No Pizza

Meredith Smith 12 comments

If you haven't seen this, Herman Cain, then Godfather Pizza Prez, gives a soulful performance not to be missed! More

Song: Neil Alan's 'Pizza, Pizza, Pizza Pie'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

I'm sorry to say that I can find no info about Neil Alan on the Google so I have no background info to give you. Perhaps some Slice'r out there knows more about the man and/or the song?


Video: Is 'Pizza Party' the Worst Song About Pizza Parties Ever Made?

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Dear Slice, Letters from Slice'rsWanted to share this "Pizza Party" video put together by my brother Joe Pepe, who lives in Astoria and happens to be a HUGE pizza fan.

It's actually a response of sorts to the Rebecca Black "Friday" video that had the whole Internet abuzz with its simplistic lyrics and heavy-handed use of autotune.

Michelle Rivera


Heh. I was wondering how I was going to work Rebecca Black into a Slice post. Thanks, Michelle! You know, I'm disappointed in Joe, though. I think he only mentions Friday in his song. What about Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, which comes after Saturday?

Hasta la pizza,


Video: Uncle Moishy's 'Pizza Song'

Adam Kuban 4 comments

Uncle Moishy and the Mitzvah Men, a Jewish American "edutainment" group, sing songs that convey the religious practices and philosophy of Orthodox Judaism. Here, "The Pizza Song" highlights the virtue of being nice, kind, and polite—you'll notice how Uncle Moishy did not have a conniption during any of his slice accidents. Oy vey. More

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