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How to Dress Up Like a Pizza: 19 Awesome Items for Your Pizza Wardrobe

So, you want to be a pizza. Lucky for you, we're here to help. Here's a selection of items that we've deemed crucial to any new pizza's wardrobe. If you're not sure how to proceed, we've also included some handy step-by-step directions to ease things along. Hmmm. So now you're telling me that you don't actually want to be a pizza? Oh well. You'll probably be pretty into this stuff, anyway. More

Konapun Pizza Video: Watch Adults Make Tiny Inedible Pizzas For No Apparent Reason

I've come to suspect that Konapun is actually the work of masterminds. Can it possibly exist for any other reason than to remind humanity that concepts like "reason" and "rationality" are completely and utterly meaningless? Because honestly, the moment you truly come to terms with the existence of Konapun, the whole world starts to unravel. That, or I've been watching too many of these videos. More

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