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On 'Pizza Parlor Pizza'

I'm working on a post about some pizza I had in D.C. a little while ago, but I want to preface that discussion with some thoughts I had that were inspired by one of the places in D.C. that I visited. If you read the List of U.S. Regional Pizza Styles a while back, I guess this "style" might go in there, but it's not so much regional as it is contextual, circumstantial, or philosophical. I actually blabbed this out a bit in a blog-post comment during the holidays, but I wanted to highlight it here so I can refer... More

Quote and Comment of the Day: 'I'm Disturbed by This Movement'

I was one foot out the door, running to catch a plane yesterday when I posted a list of links that included Passion-4-Pizza's "Twenty Minutes with Chris Bianco" interview. But an interesting item from Cary and Lillian Steiner's chat really deserved the kind of time I didn't have to give it. Luckily, seriouspizza did my job for me in the comments: Twenty minutes with Chris Bianco. [P4P]: "We start to look at it, turn it upside down, check the upskirt, the downskirt, all this kind of crap, it's really disturbing. I'm disturbed by this movement." —Chris Bianco Me too. Particularly... More

The Most Awesome Recycling Bundle EVER

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] OK, the above pile of discarded, greasy pizza boxes would be nothing special in New Haven, but I have to admit I had a strange pizza daydream as I was downloading slices from them into freezer bags for storage in my Brooklyn home. As I said to Girl Slice: "Do you know that if a pizza connoisseur walked by this pile on recycling day, he or she WOULD FREAK? This is like if you put out empty boxes for Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation on the same day. Like the day after Christmas. But greasier." Girl Slice's... More

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