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My Pie Monday: Chocolate, Flowers, Cashews, and More!

This My Pie Monday brought Slice'rs out of the woodwork! Not only has Adam Kuban, the creator of all things Slice, joined the folds, but this round also includes Slice heavyweight Pizzablogger, and the return of Ev. Always great to have you guys. And there's been a whole lot of pizza making going on. This week we are seventeen strong! Among the longtime regular MPMers we have jimmyg, amusebouche1, Norma427, Imwalkin, dmacavanagh, and dhorst. Representing the newer regulars are RobynB, Redwgn67, and Steve Viterali. There's always room for more pie makers around here, so we're happy to welcome npinto, brando, and ccleon. Enough with the introductions, let's get to those fantastic looking pies! More

My Pie Monday: Manteca Crust, Morel Pizza, and More!

Welcome back to My Pie Monday, Slice'rs! We've got some good lookin' pies in this week's line-up. Lacey Muszynski and Pizzablogger create a square pie double feature with a cameo by Paulie Gee's secret tomatoes. Norma427 works a little Mexican manteca into her dough and dhorst gives her Za'atar Zucchini topped pie a pretzel salt crust. Plus we have a pizza topped with foraged morels from Cary, clams casino from sunra, a beauty of a NY style pie by Ev, Wucactus1 creates a classic Margherita, Climbhighak makes an Italian meat pizza, and ScottWiener gives his mom the best Mother's Day present of all. More

United States of Pizza: Maryland

From Baltimore to Bethesda, Silver Spring to Frederick, the quality of pizza in Maryland is rising. In order to find out the best places for slices and pies in the great state of Maryland, we checked in with Marylanders among the Serious Eats community, plus friend of Slice (and Maryland pizza expert) Pizzablogger and Richard Gorelick from the Baltimore Sun. More

My Pie Monday (Tuesday Edition): UnaVia Tries to Perfect the Unperfectable

We're going to play a game called "See If You Can Follow Along with This Post." Here goes: Pizzablogger, in the comments on Slice, asked UnaVia to send these pictures to him for post-processing, and then Pizzablogger passed them along to me. Says Pizzablogger: Adam, Please find attached two pictures for MPM taken by Slice'r UnaVia. These are a couple of pictures from the pizzas mentioned in the Olio e Piu comments thread.These snaps were taken with Unavia's iPhone and I color-corrected and cleaned them up.Unavia had the following to say about the pizzas... UnaVia: "Well, the mushroom pizza had... More

I Am Picturing Pizzablogger's Workplace, and It Looks Like This

I just read this in the comments, and it makes even me scratch my head and then visualize a scene similar to what I just Photoshopped above: ... Lemons and blood oranges are in season. Think I'll try the lemon pizza and also a blood orange pizza tonight. The dough sitting next to me at work says it'll look flashy wearing bright citrus colors, so who am I to argue? Pizzablogger, why do you have dough AT WORK? You have truly taken pizza madness to the next level. (And do your coworkers know what you've got hiding under your... More

From the Mid-Atlantic with Love

But hey, (insert Stephen's voice from Braveheart here) "just answer the effing question already"....if pizza in Maryland is generally not that good, then what does some dude from Maryland know about pizza? A little bit is the correct answer. Sorry, but if you're looking for a pizza expert, you won't find one here. What you can be sure of is that I'll be happy to pass on whatever I learn as the mile markers on the pizza highway go passing by. And I have a voracious appetite for learning. More

Pizza Anatomy Page

[Illustrations: Pizzablogger] From the "why didn't I think of that?" file comes Pizzablogger's neat "Anatomy of a Pizza" page. With many of the terms you've come to know and love—cornicione, leopard-spotting, char and more.... More

I WANT This Pizza for Dinner

pizzablogger.org Pizzablogger says this version of his Sicilian pizza is "not quite where I want it just yet." Whatevs. If that's truly the case, I'll take a couple slices (one corner and one side-center) of imperfection. Look at the hole structure of that thing! And I second HollandJim's comment, "Ooooooooooh. Giiiiiiimmegimmegimme [that recipe]!"... More

'Pizza Blogger' Interview with Joe Edwardsen of Baltimore's Joe Squared

Speaking of pizza blogs, one that I've been enjoying immensely as of late is Baltimore-based Pizza Blogger. And this interview with Joe Squared's Joe Edwardsen (above) illustrates what I like about the site. "Pizza Blogger," as the anonymous author prefers to be known, asks Edwardsen a series of knowledgeable questions about Joe Squared's coal oven and the dough-making process. The questions are obviously informed by PB's experience working at D.C.-area bakery Uptown Bakers. PB's knowledge and passion shines through in all his posts. I come away from the site with the feeling that the entries are well-researched and trustworthy.... More

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