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Pizza Obsessives: Bill SFNM, the Passion That Burns -- Four Decades Later

Imagine a wood-fired pizza oven as part of your outdoor kitchen. A fork mixer to more gently mix and knead your dough. A refrigerator stocked with multiple sourdough cultures and the curiosity to coax the different flavor characteristics out of each. While we're at it, how about some high-grade video and camera equipment to take stills and video so that you can better capture the cooking cycle of a pizza as it expands and bubbles in that wood burner? Why not put all of this in a location where you could partake in activities like, I don't know, being able to take your dog along to forage for beautiful porcini mushrooms not too far from your house? More

Pizza Obsessives: Pete-zza of Pizzamaking.com, a Real Pizza Hero

At the end of each Pizza Obsessives Q&A, we ask the interviewee who he or she would like to see put in the hot seat next. The answer we seem to have gotten the most is Pete-zza from the DIY pizza site Pizzamaking.com. He's a bit of an enigma, but we finally asked the right questions to elicit a great response. So, without further adieu, here's Pizzablogger with the one-on-one. More

Why This 'NYT' Article Is Good for Pizza

The New York Times's Oliver Strand gets his fingers in the flour in a story about homemade pizza today. Does this signify a new "pizza moment"? I hope so. But let me qualify that a bit. Parallel to the surge of new pizzerias, there's been a DIY pizza movement quietly building momentum in kitchens and backyards everywhere. So while I say that the publication of this Times article may signify a "new pizza moment," in truth this DIY pizza moment has been happening all along. What's new is that it's finally getting the attention it deserves. More

Making Deep Dish Pizza in a Cast Iron Skillet

[Photographs: pizzamaking.com] So this recipe thread on pizzamaking.com was originally started in 2005. I missed it back then but found it this morning while checking the Slice site stats. (Someone clicked through to Slice from a link in the discussion there.) This looks like a sort of fun way to make deep dish using a pan many people probably already have at home. (And, yeah, I know New York–based readers are probably howling at this. Deal.)... More

Pizza Muffins: Pizza Snacks Kids Would Probably Dig

[Photograph: Pizza Making] I kinda love pizzamaking.com. The folks there get extra nerdy about dough and crusts and ovens and baking but then turn around and post something fun like this technique for pizza muffins: I've been thinking about these for awhile and finally gave it a try. Easy to do. Make your pizza, roll it up, slice and place in a muffin pan.I used a dough that's about 55% hydration. Overnight retard. It's easy to roll and shape. After rolling into a rectangle I sauced it and added pepperoni and mozzarella. You have to kind of figure the... More

Pizzamaking.com's May 2009 Challenge: Specialty Pizzas

Pizzamaking.com: "The May Challenge is Specialty pizzas, often called Gourmet pizzas. These are the types of pizzas that many pizza operators offer to their customers who want something beyond a basic, pepperoni, sausage, or veggie pizza. It is also a creative outlet for pizza operators. So, feel free to exercise your creative juices." Here's pizzamaking.com's April results.... More

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