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My Pie Monday: Pizzasnob's No-Knead, Cast-Iron-and-Broiler-Method Pizza

[Photographs: Pizzasnob] And a return visit from Pizzasnob (aka Tim Kang), who submitted a My Pie Monday creation in May: Yo Adam,Pizzasnob again with another creation: summer pizza with zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and onions.I used the Lahey no-knead dough as referenced in "How to Make No Knead Pizza Dough," but I used only plain-old store-brand AP flour and let it "rise" in the fridge for 43 hours. Honestly, didn't really rise in the fridge, so I let it rise in the oven warmed by the pilot light for three hours. The longer proofing time gave it fantastic flavor, considering... More

My Pie Monday: Pizzasnob's Clam & Olive Pizza

[Photograph: Tim "Pizzasnob" Kang] Pizzasnob here. Here's my submission: Clam & Olive Pizza. I've included the main picture resized to your spec, but for the upskirt and cornicione shot, go to this page: http://www.timkang.com/2010/02/clam-olive-pizza/I used Lahey's no-knead pizza dough recipe for the crust and baked the pizza on top of an inverted cast iron grill under my gas-oven broiler. I used my own recipe for the sauce:... More

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