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Home Slice: Aligot and Bacon Pizza with Fried Potato Peels

Home Slice Adam Kuban 20 comments

In this edition of Home Slice, I get all fancy with aligot, a French version of mashed potatoes with TWO TYPES OF CHEESE all melted in. C'est magnifique! And, oh, AVEC BACON! More

Top This, Saint Paddy's Day Edition: (Baked Potato Pizza à la Pete Zaaz)

Slice: New York Erin Mosbaugh 1 comment

The Baked Potato Pizza at PeteZaaz just might be the perfect solution to your Saint Paddy's Day pizza needs. The pie adopts everything you love about a loaded baked potato: cheddar, scallions, bacon, and crème fraîche. More

Poll: Potatoes on Pizza, Way or No Way?

Polls Meredith Smith 33 comments

St. Patty's Day and Lent add up to more pizzas cropping up that are topped with potatoes. Do you support the union of potatoes and pizza or is that a starch combo that you just can't get behind? More

Top This: Flying Squirrel's Roasted Potato Pizza with Chive Oil and Blue Cheese (aka The #6)

Slice: Seattle Adam Lindsley 3 comments

Potatoes on pizza: way or no way? At Flying Squirrel Pizza Co. in Seattle, owner Bill Coury spits in the face of carb-counters (figuratively, of course) with his popular #6, a New York–style pie topped with chive oil, Maytag blue cheese, spinach, garlic, mozzarella, and lemon-herb roasted potatoes. Here's how to make this delicious pizza at home. More

New Haven: Delicious Thin-Crust Pizza at Bar

Andrew Janjigian 26 comments

According to the staff, the original pizza cook at Bar once worked at Sally's on Wooster Street, and at first glance, the pedigree is apparent: the pizzas are served over a sheet of parchment paper set into aluminum sheet trays, shaped into elongated circles to better fit the rectangular pan. There are differences, too, though—the pizzas are substantially thinner than other New Haven pies, and they are sliced into rectangles rather than the usual wedges. More

Top This: Fingerling Potatoes, Fontina, Brussels Sprouts, and Brie

Top This J. Kenji López-Alt 2 comments

[Photograph: Kenji Lopez-Alt] There's no denying that fall is in full force where I live, which is bad news for Brussels sprouts, who are not long for this world. Shredded and tossed with a bit of olive oil, they char in the oven into addictively crisp morsels. Sliced boiled fingerling potatoes are also readily available at the farmers' market and quite delicious this time of year. I boil mine in plain seasoned water just until tender. For the cheese on the sauceless pie, I went with gooey American fontina and a few blops of brie scattered over the top.... More

Daily Slice: La Rosa's Potato Pizza, Philadelphia

Daily Slice Hawk Krall 6 comments

La Rosa is an unassuming hole-in-the-wall pizzeria on the bustling corner of Broad and Snyder in Philadelphia, next door to a check-cashing place. There are no chairs and no menu. Pick up, delivery, or just eat at the counter. They make square pan pizzas and sometimes calzones and panzarotti. No wings, salads, or sandwiches. Nothing too fancy, except for this amazing potato pizza that's one of my favorite slices in the city. More

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