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What's Up in Pizza: Pizzaioli Mafia, Grimaldi Wars, and More!

Kate Andersen 4 comments

This week has pizza stories popping up all over the map, from the sports scene to the mob scene. We highlight some of the headlines for you after the jump! More

Pizza Lab: How to Make Ramen Crust Pizza

The Pizza Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 43 comments

It looks like pizza, smells like pizza, it even tastes a little like pizza, but it's not pizza. At least, not inasmuch as pizza is defined by its bread-based crust. The slice you are looking at shares much in common with pizza. It's got gooey melted cheese. It's got a robust tomato sauce that balances zestiness and sweetness with just the right bit of zip. It's got a crisp underbelly and a soft, moist, tender interior. It just happens to be made with noodles instead of dough. More

How to Make Pizza Bowl Ramen Soup

Niki Achitoff-Gray 8 comments

Deciding what to eat for dinner in college / your totally adult apartment is one of life's greatest challenges. Seriously. There are a lot of different kinds of pizza and ramen out there. More

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