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Di Fara: Rant and Response

As the wife of the "Slicemeister General," I get asked on a fairly regular basis if I like Di Fara, which is arguably the pizzeria on which Slice's reputation was based. I emphatically answer NO. I do not like Di Fara at all. I have been four or five times, and I have never had a good time. Why not? Let me enumerate. More

It's Not Like the Site Isn't Full of NYC Pizza Info

<RANT> So earlier today we were looking for various frozen pizzas for a frozen-pizza taste test. The Freschetta rising-crust pizza is (un)surprisingly hard to find in New York City. I tweeted about this after visiting the third non-Freschetta-havin' grocery store i visited this morning — only to get a reply from @vacca23: @slice all of the fantastic Pizza in NYC and you're searching for Freschetta? Tsk tsk... Seriously? We can't explore frozen pizza offerings here on Slice? Please. You want fantastic pizza in NYC? Here: http://slice.seriouseats.com/tags/NYC I think that goes 65 pages deep. Ten entries per page. </RANT>... More

Two Idiot Domino's Employees Do Nasty Things to Food, Upload Videos, Get Fired

See the videos, at Consumerist. Wow. I love how quickly this went down. Last night, at 7:26 p.m., Consumerist posted videos that some dumbass Domino's employees had taken showing one of them doing disgusting things with food that was presumably sent out to customers--putting banana peppers up his nose and then on a sandwich, sneezing on cheesy bread. Consumerist readers, using the YouTube account handle and the few identifiable details they could see in the videos, tracked down the Domino's location this occurred in and alerted Domino's corporate. By 10:26 a.m. this morning came word from Domino's HQ that... More

Why Pepperoni Pizza Sucks

But can sausage trap its own greasy goodness, like this? Jon Eick over at the blog So Good has a great rant about pepperoni. Long story short, he don't like it. Here's why: If pizza is high quality, a mere slice of cheese is delicious. If pizza is mediocre, I understand the need to add toppings. But I have news for you pepperoni: you ain't all that and a bag of chips. Pepperoni, while ok, is simply NOT good enough to have earned it's place as the default pizza order of choice on merit alone. Hell no. I believe... More

Pizza Hut and the Walk of Shame

The Walk of Shame: Carrying a Crunchy Cheesy Crust pizza, a Stuffed Crust with pepperoni, and a Super Supreme Pan Pizza back to the office for taste-testing. Thought I'd share with you my experience trying to get three specialty pizzas from Pizza Hut yesterday for the chain pizza taste-off we did. Of the three major nationwide chains, Pizza Hut was the most difficult. It has almost no presence in New York City. And why should it? If you ran the place and knew there were vastly superior pizzas on almost every block of the Big Apple, why would you... More

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