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Help PizzaMoto Settle in Red Hook with a Turn of the Century Oven

We fell hard and fast for PizzaMoto's mobile wood-fired pies back in 2009. But mobile ovens can be as tricky to find as they are to operate and maintain, so we were pretty pumped to learn that the PizzaMoto team is getting ready to open their very first stationary pizzeria this fall. And they want your help raising the $50,000 they need to restore the turn of the century oven in their new Red Hook location. More

More from Anselmo's Owner on Red Hook Pizzeria's Demise

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Wow. Just wow. As you may know, Anselmo's closed at the end of 2009, announcing the news on its website. While the original announcement remains, one of the partners added more detail--probably more detail than he should have, because he ended up deleting much of it. Luckily, the blog I Dream of Pizza has captured for posterity the full text of the addendum. Here's a snip: My landlady is telling the people of Red Hook that i have been in prison and jail. She's right. I was in prison for manufacturing explosives. It's public record and... More

Closed: Anselmo's Coal Oven Pizzeria, Red Hook

[Photograph: Adam Kuban] Oh, man, 2009. What are you doing to us? Astronomical slice price hikes, the Tontonno's fire, and now this? Anselmo's Coal Oven Pizzeria in Red Hook has closed. As tipster Mindy W. points out, the pizzeria's website explains [warning—LOUD music autoplays on open]: WE ARE CLOSED. WE WILL CONTINUE MAKING GREAT PIZZA SOMEWHERE ELSE. WE ARE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER LOCATION. OUR LANDLORD SWINDLED US OUT OF OUR LEASE. EVERYONE IN RED HOOK KNOWS WHO OUR LANDLADY IS AND THE PEOPLE OF RED HOOK WARNED US OF HER AND HER SISTER WHEN I WAS BUILDING MY PLACE... More

Sneak Peek: Anselmo's Coal Oven Pizzeria, Red Hook

Anselmo's Coal Oven Pizzeria 354 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (at Sullivan Street, Red Hook; map); 718-775-5386; anselmosbakery.com Getting There: The B61 and B77 buses are your closest public transit options Pizza Style: New York–Neapolitan Oven Type: Coal-fired The Skinny: Too soon to really say Price: TK Another day, another sneak peek at a soon-to-open pizzeria. This time, Anselmo's Coal Oven Pizzeria. We've been following the progress of this place since June of last year, when it announced a July 4 open date. These things don't always go according to schedule (see Co./Company, Ignazio's, etc.), but it looks... More

Anselmo's Pizzeria Making Some Progress

Looks like there's been some progress at Anselmo's Pizzeria on Van Brunt Street in Red Hook. The dining room looks just about finished, and the oven has been fired up. The last time I peeked in the windows (mid November), it looked nowhere near ready. But Anselmo himself says that they'll be doing a day of oven testing soon, and then opening to the public after that. Anselmo's Pizzeria 354 Van Brunt Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (at Sullivan Street, Red Hook; map) 718-775-5386 anselmospizza.com... More

Hard Times for House of Pizza & Calzone

What's it like spending hundreds of thousands on a pizzeria reno only to open on the first day of the Dow crash? Pretty lousy. But the new owners of House of Pizza & Calzone are soldiering on: "'The bottom line is that we have to absorb these exorbitant cost increases [mozzarella, flour, etc.],' [co-owner Paul] DiAgostino said last week 'I can't pass it on to my customers. You can't charge people $6 for a slice of pizza.'"... More

Anselmo's Coal-Oven Pizza Progress Report

Above: Before and ... after some progress. Click me bigger » Progress photographs courtesy of Anselmo's Pizzeria What would be New York City's latest coal-oven pizzeria, Anselmo's Pizzeria Restaurant, looks like it's making some progress after failing to meet its previously stated July 4 opening target. Says the Red Hook pizzeria's Roger Fischer, "I'm 90 percent done. The oven is taking a long time to build." From everything I've ever read or heard about custom oven jobs, they always take longer than expected. A couple more pix, after the jump.... More

House of Pizza & Calzone Gets Facelift

Lost City says: "The new facade will be all glass, with a glass door to the left, and a sliding glass unit, four panels wide, to the right.... The new counter remains to the right as you walk in, the customer alley to the left.... And a red brick arch in the back leads to a new dining area that reaches into the former backyard of the property." [via Eater] House of Pizza & Calzone: 132 Union Street, Brooklyn NY 11231 (near Hicks Street; map); 718-624-9107... More

Anselmo's, New York's Newest Coal-Oven Pizzeria, Still Not Open

While I was in Red Hook on Saturday for the opening day of the Red Hook Vendors, I figured I'd head on over to the supposed site of New York City's next coal-oven pizzeria. Slice posted about this mid June, and at the time the projected opening date for Anselmo's Pizzeria was July 4, according to its website. Looks like it's still got some ways to go, and calls to the number have gone unreturned. I'm guessing the chimney is for the coal-oven. And it looks like Anselmo's website has been updated since I last looked at it. The... More

Openings: Anselmo's Bakery, New Coal-Oven Pizzeria in Red Hook

OMG! I just got an awesome tip from Amy of NewYorkology.com. A new coal-oven pizzeria is coming to Red Hook. From the website of Anselmo's Bakery Restaurant: Anselmo is building two bakeries in Red Hook Brooklyn,New York. Anselmo will be a full-line bakery Restaurant in Pizza, pasta ,pastries and breads. The first bakery will be located on 354 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook Brooklyn, New York . The second will be on 204 Van Dyke Street Brooklyn,New York. @ pier 41. The first bakery will be done by July 4th and the second will be done by December... More

Pizzeria in a Post Office

Or is that a post office in a pizzeria? Who knows. Nick Kindelsperger, of the Paupered Chef, but writing for Gothamist, visits a branch of local New York City chain Singas that also operates a contract postal service out of its location in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Time Out New York, which had this story earlier this year, explains: According to the USPS, such amenities are called Contract Postal Units—basically, privately run extensions located in neighborhoods underserved by regular branches. The one inside Singas is maintained by building owner Rita Faraone, who explains it was part of a... More

House Of Pizza: They'll Fry Away

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: New ownership, actually. The House of Pizza and Calzone, a Red Hook staple, changed hands in late July. But rest easy: The new proprietors still deep-fry the calzones. HOUSE OF PIZZA AND CALZONE LOCATION: 132 Union St.; Red Hook, BrooklynPHONE: 718-624-9107GETTING THERE: F train to Carroll Street. Exit station; walk north to Union (2 blocks at most). Head west on Union about 4.5 blocks. House is just across the BQE on the south side of the street. FURTHER READINGHouse of Pizza: Not Fade Away: Slice visits HoP weeks before the former owners are due to hand... More

House of Pizza & Calzones

Not Fade Away TWILIGHT The House of Pizza and Calzone, where calzones get equal billing on the awning, will change hands at the end of the month.WORDS BY SELTZERBOYPHOTOGRAPHS BY Adam K."Everything has to end eventually," Enofrio Gaudioso was telling us the other day, in between folding calzones and sharing yarns about pizza past. "It's time." For Mr. Gaudioso, that time arrives in less than two weeks, when he turns off the oven at his Red Hook pizzeria, the House of Pizza and Calzone, for the final time, passing the pizza peel to a new owner. It will be the... More

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