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Use a Panini Press to Reheat Slices

Adam Kuban 4 comments

This photo was sent in by James W. S., who says, "I have been using a panini machine to reheat slices." Related: The Best Way to Reheat Pizza »... More

How Not to Reheat Pizza: Desperate Hotel Room Slice Reheat

Dear Slice Adam Kuban 24 comments

Insanity from our inbox: "I just came back from eating too much pizza in San Fran, and since I had a hotel room full of leftovers with no oven or microwave, I had to get more creative. I thought you would get a kick out of my desperate attempt at reheat my slice with a hair dryer." More

Photo of the Day: A Waffle-Iron Reheat

Adam Kuban 3 comments

[Photograph: Waffleizer] I love it. Today Waffleizer tweeted this image in response to the Slice discussion on pizza reheats. A waffle iron reheat?!? But, wait. You haven't seen anything yet! Waffleizer has also used a waffle iron to make pizza from scratch.... More

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza

Aaron Mattis 72 comments

While I enjoy the occasional cold slice, I usually prefer to warm up my pizza, as do most people. But how? Let me show you ... More

Slice Poll: How Do You Reheat Your Leftover Pizza?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 66 comments

Last Friday, Slice intern Aaron Mattis and I were up to our eyeballs in leftover pizza after doing some pizza exploring. Toward the end of our field trip, with five pizza boxes in the back seat, he started explaining his pizza-reheating method. He has clearly thought a lot about this issue*, and it turns out he has a pretty good method. We'll post it later todayHere it is, but I figured this would be a good topic for this week's Slice pizza poll: How do you reheat your leftover pizza? » More

Poll: Leftover Pizza — Do You Eat It Cold or Reheat It?

Adam Kuban 48 comments

[Photograph: negligentoverseer on Flickr] You might have some leftover pizza from your game-watching party last night. (How 'bout them Saints?!? Oh, yeah!) This week's Slice Poll question is: Do you eat your leftover pizza cold or reheat it? Related: How to Really Reheat Pizza in a Skillet or on a Griddle »... More

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