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Serving Lots Of Pizza At a Party? Reheat It With An Electric Griddle

J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

Last night at our first book launch party, we served pizzas from Motorino. Not only did the pizzas have to come all the way from the East Village, they also had to be served continuously throughout a four hour long party. Compounding our difficulties was the fact that there was no operating oven in the space we were serving from. What were we to do? More

The Best Way to Reheat a Pizza Slice

Andrew Janjigian 54 comments

I've always assumed that the best you could do was throw cold pizza into a hot oven, and resign yourself to the fact that the crust on a reheated slice never approaches the texture of a freshly-baked one. But I've recently found a much better method. More

Poll: Do You Get the Reheat on Your Slice?

Quick Bites Adam Kuban 21 comments

We're thinking of those times when you order a quick slice from a slice pie that's been sitting out for a bit. Do you have them reheat it or just take it room temperature? » More

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