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PizzaHacker is My New Go-To in San Francisco

Slice: San Francisco Maggie Hoffman 13 comments

Mr. PizzaHacker, Jeff Krupman, is something of a familiar face here on Slice: Adam Kuban interviewed him back in 2010 about his mobile Frankenweber operation, and David Kover reviewed that popup circa 2011. For a low-key weeknight, the newly opened PizzaHacker brick and mortar on Mission Street has swiftly become my go-to. More

Carmel Pizza Company Brings Good Pies to San Francisco's Touristy Fisherman's Wharf

Slice: San Francisco David Kover Post a comment

Tourists, rejoice! If you're planning to visit San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, it turns out that you're not stuck with lousy food. Carmel Pizza Company has you covered with quality Neapolitan-inspired pizzas out of a wood-fired oven. More

Neapolitan Pizza With Cherry Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Garlic, and Basil

The Pizza Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 16 comments

Inspired by the Filetti pizza at Anthony Mangieri's Una Pizza Napoletana, this pie combines fresh cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, basil, garlic, olive oil, and a couple twists of our own. More

Checking Up on Amici's East Coast Pizzeria, a San Francisco Bay Area Mini-Chain

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 4 comments

When Amici's East Coast Pizzeria opened up in 1987, some Bay Area residents felt like they had been rescued from pizza purgatory. We went to one of the thirteen locations of this mini-chain to see if the pies still play that well. More

Emilia's Pizza: Keith Freilich Opens Up on Ovens, Bad Accountants, and Pizza Miracles in Berkeley, CA

Lance Roberts 22 comments

For the last five years, we've been hearing a lot about the Bay Area pizza scene. That's mostly due to a large swath of legitimately great pizzerias, but the noise has definitely been amplified by big names like Mangieri and Gemignani. Nonetheless, one of my favorite pizzas in Berkeley is made by someone who consciously flies below the radar. Keith Freilich is the owner of one of the more impressive resumes in recent memory...and he agreed to share some of his experience with us. More

First Look: The Forge, Oakland, CA

Lauren Sloss 45 comments

Walking into The Forge, the newly opened pizza-joint-cum-fire-pit-destination in Oakland's Jack London Square, my first thought is, "I could really hang out in this place." The bright, reclaimed warehouse space is filled with early evening light; friends are gathered around tables with beers in hand. The setting sun even glints off the cluster of sailboats tethered just a stone's throw from the restaurant's outdoor patio. More

Emeryville, CA: Playing Hot or Not with the Pizzas at Hot Italian

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 5 comments

At Hot Italian, each pizza has been named for, well, a hot Italian. Do the actual pizzas live up to the pretty faces that have been attached to them on the menu? More

Daily Slice: A Goodbye-Pie From Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco

Daily Slice David Kover 8 comments

In the end, the need for an extra bedroom won out over proximity to good pizza. But that doesn't mean our San Francisco contributor, David Kover, won't miss the hell out of living across the street from Pizzeria Delfina. More

A Tourist's Guide to Pizza in San Francisco

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 11 comments

We'd like to argue that, along with sourdough bread, cioppino, Dungeness crab, and Rice-a-Roni*, pizza is one of the things you should be eating if you choose to visit San Francisco. Click through our slideshow to discover the best places to grab a pie as you wind your way through the streets of San Francisco. More

First Look: Capo's Chicago Pizza and Fine Italian Dinners, San Francisco

Slice: San Francisco Lauren Sloss 5 comments

Tony Gemignani of pizza award-winning fame and the always-packed Tony's Pizza Napoletana is opening a deep dish place in North Beach, this Friday night. Nestled tidily on Vallejo off Columbus, a glowing neon sign reads "Capo's," subtly staking its claim in a neighborhood where authenticity, and quality, are prized about as highly as a good whiskey cocktail and a solid slice. Here's your first peek inside! More

Daily Slice: Southern Pacific Brewing, San Francisco

Daily Slice Lauren Sloss 1 comment

Per the topping-centric rule, the crust is serviceable, but nothing to write home about. And this is a topping choice we can certainly get on board with—the sprouts and onions are joined by a salty, satisfying feta fonduta, and a melty pile of mozzarella. More

San Francisco: It's All About The Toppings At 21st Amendment

Slice: San Francisco Lauren Sloss 1 comment

Billed as individual-sized and made with a 'special beer mash crust,' topping combinations were clearly veering on the heavy side, with a Mexicali option featuring ground beef and avocado, and a Buffalo chicken version. More

Daily Slice: Green Goddess Pizza from Starbelly, San Francisco

Slice: San Francisco Lauren Sloss 5 comments

A riff on a Green Goddess salad and Starbelly's excellent bacon and jalapeno studded spaghetti in pizza form was an ordering no-brainer. More

Daily Slice: Liguria Focaccia from Lucca Delicatessen, San Francisco

Daily Slice Lauren Sloss 6 comments

Slice correspondent David Kover has written about the deliciousness that is Liguria focaccia, and all of its mysterious old-school North Beach glory. In addition to the airy, flavorful wonderfulness of it, he mentioned another key point worth remembering: they often run out of foccacia at Liguria. More

PizzaHacker Behind Pizza Program at The Forge

Slice: San Francisco Meredith Smith 34 comments

Newly re-developed Jack London Square will be home to a wood-fired pizzeria called The Forge come 2013, and they're bringing The PizzaHacker on board for pizza R&D. More

Top This: Bianca Pizza (a la Ragazza)

Slice: San Francisco Lauren Sloss 2 comments

A bonafide tomato/tomato sauce enthusiast, I'm certainly guilty of dismissing white pies as 'boring.' That's until I tried the Bianca at San Francisco's Ragazza. Chef Sharon Ardiana blends sharp, aged provolone, preserved Meyer lemon, and a straight-up dangerous onion crema to form the Bianca's base. This is topped with a sprinkling of snappy fresh arugula, and a pour of extra virgin olive oil. More

San Francisco: We Try the Award-Winning Pizza at Bay Area Chain Pizza My Heart

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 12 comments

Though Pizza My Heart is known locally for serving up some crazy topping combinations, when it competed at the International Pizza Competition, it claimed victory for best "traditional" pizza using just pepperoni and mushroom. We paid one location of this California chain a visit to try its award-winning pies. More

Photo of the Day: UPN Posters

Meredith Smith 14 comments

San Francisco Slice contributor David Kover spotted these posters for Una Pizza Napoletana in the Mission recently and noted that they have been popping up around town. Is Mangieri just reminding the citizens of San Francisco that there is pizza greatness happening in their city, or is there something more to these mystery posters? More

Behind the Scenes in the Epic Del Popolo Pizza Truck

Slice: San Francisco David Kover 26 comments

Holy hell, the Del Popolo pizza truck is cool! A mammoth shipping container with a wall of windows so you can watch the pizzaiolo, Jon Darsky, fire pies in the 5000-pound, wood-fired oven inside. We've teased you with pictures of this beast before, but now we have the full report! More

First Look: Gioia Pizzeria Comes to San Francisco

Slice: San Francisco David Kover Post a comment

Gioia Pizzeria and its New York-style slices with ingredient-driven toppings have always been out of reach for San Franciscans. North Berkeley is just too far to travel on a regular basis when you know a shoe box of a restaurant with only five seats awaits you. But Will and Karen Gioia recently opened a new outpost of their slice shop in San Francisco, and this time it's a full-service restaurant, with a menu that goes well beyond pizza. We visited with Will Gioia to check out the new space and get a look at him making pizzas. More

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