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Top This: Semi-dried Cherry Tomatoes

Adam Kuban 17 comments

Inspired by last week's semi-dried cherry tomato Daily Slice from Di Fara, I made my own slow-roasted, tiny-tomato topping for our weekly "Pizza Night" at home. This really couldn't be more simple, and, like last week's sausage topping, you can do the roasting while you make dough or let it come to room temperature after a cold rise. More

More Di Fara First-Timers Report on Yesterday's Field Trip

Aaron Mattis 50 comments

My first visit to Di Fara was bittersweet, timed as it was to mark my last day at Slice/Serious Eats World Headquarters. Still, what a way to go out. From reading Slice commentary, I expected the pizza to be delicious but possibly burned or greasy. The golden-crusted pies we got, however, were perfectly executed, the ideal New York pizza.... More

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