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Pizza Specials Inspired by 'Breaking Bad'

Adam Kuban 3 comments


Are you watching Breaking Bad? If not, what the hell is wrong with you? It's by far the best thing on TV right now. There have been a couple of notable pizza moments in the show's history. Maybe that's what inspired the folks at Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to make these specials: the (Ba)con (Ba)d and the ... Meth-Ham-Feta-Bean. Clever.


Photo of the Day: No Pizza for Bambi

Adam Kuban 1 comment

I had no idea that the goofy little "quick bite" post I did on the deer-butchery in Allentown, Pennsylvania, would get so many comments—or a link to this funny photo. Thanks, Boscoep!... More

I Hope So

Chain Pizza Adam Kuban 3 comments

From the FAIL Blog.... More

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