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ZOMG! Barone's in Los Angeles

L.A. Pizza Blog Something about the looks of this pizza makes me want to eat the crap out of it. JAB at L.A. Pizza Blog reviews it and says: This pizza as you can see is extremely different than any other pizza I've had, probably most pizza you will get anywhere... The crust was very thin and crunchy... Toward the middle the crust was a little less chewy but still retained the dense, thin, and chewy traits... The sauce was a heavier tomato sauce similar in style to a pasta/marinara sauce with a lot of flavor and spices. The... More

Dear Slice: Should I Be Excited About Two Boots Coming to L.A.?

Clicking in to the Slice inbox today, we've got a question that Slice readers might be able to help with. Photograph from Nick Sherman of Pizza Rules! (Confidential to Nick: Are you still updating your site? Pizzadom misses you!) Hey Adam, There's a Two Boots opening up in Los Angeles in January, and I'd like to know if I should be even remotely excited. As of now, I am not. I've read a mix of good and bad, but I'm coming to you for the truth. New York Pizza Tour 2 is slowly getting hashed out on this end. I'll... More

Bollini's Pizzeria Making Worthy Neapolitan Pies in Monterey Park, California

Trembling like a teenager in anticipation of his first kiss, I got in my car and headed in an easterly direction on the Santa Monica Freeway. Unlike a teenager, however, I was anticipating that Bollini's Pizzeria, out in Monterey Park of all places, would satisfy my now desperate craving for great pizza. Up till now, every pizzeria that has been touted as awesome here in California has left me seriously disappointed. Nevertheless, the hype about Bollini's fired my hopes. Signor Christiano Bollini, born and bred in Monterey Park, a predominantly Chinese suburb of Los Angeles, had trained in Naples,... More

54-Inch Delivery Pizza in Los Angeles, Going for World Record

We all have a purpose in life, and for Big Mama's & Papa's Pizzeria on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, it's to create a 54-inch square delivery pizza. If you had the same idea, you better get on it. They even found a 54-inch square cardboard box! For just $199.99 (plus $14.99 for each additional topping), today's (at least so far) largest deliverable pizza in the world can feed 50 to 70 people. Heads up, though: They need a full day's notice to create one, so order today for Monday Night Football. [via EatFeats]... More

L.A.'s Pizza Wars: Joe's vs. Vito's

Pizza wars, once confined to New York, now rage in Los Angeles. New York's dough-slinging gladiators, DeMarco, Grimaldi, and Mangieri, have their counterparts here in Joe and Vito, of their own respective eponymous pizzerias. L.A. food bloggers, like their New York brethren, get rather emotional over pizza, which strikes me as odd since I've yet to taste pizza in L.A. (except for Mozza) worth getting especially excited about. Nevertheless, on the web locally, and on Slice, pizza freaks have slammed Joe's for uncharred crust, insipid sauce, and unhelpful and discourteous service. One gourmand opined that Vito's "is genius ...... More

Joe's Pizza in Los Angeles

Editor's note: Today, Chuck K., a New York expatriate living on the West Coast, drops by with intel on the outpost of Joe's Pizza that opened in Los Angeles. Buon appetito, friends! —The Mgmt. Step right up! Get your honest-to-goodness, 100 percent original New York-style pizza. Whether it's Tony's, Johnnie's, Frankie's, or Vito's, Los Angeles pizza purveyors love to claim New York authenticity in their pies. Not long ago, an establishment in Marina Del Rey killed whatever optimism I had left for "New York-style" pizza around L.A. At this nameless place, the crust tasted like a ream of loose-leaf paper,... More

Reader Recommended: Bollini's Pizzeria in Monterey Park, California

Editor's note: I had an email exchange last week with a Serious Eats reader coming to New York from L.A. The gist: "The airline food ain't gonna cut it for the flight back west. What uniquely New York snacks should I bring on board that will travel well?" (Unfortunately, I couldn't recommend pizza for that.) Long story short, I asked her how far she was willing to go for good snacks for the plane. Her answer included some good L.A. pizza intel. —The Mgmt. Christiano Bollini, pizzaiolo at Bollini's Pizzeria, a wood-oven Neapolitan-style joint in Monterey Park, California. Photograph from... More

A 24-Hour Search for the Best Pizza in America

Bon Appétit magazine, in conjunction with the Food Network, went across the country looking for the best pizza, hamburgers, ribs, fried chicken, and tacos. Three finalists in each category are written up in the September issue of the magazine (the blurbs are rather generic-sounding), and the winner is going to be announced on a Food Network special hosted by Alton Brown August 18. What isn't clear to me after reading about their search is the methodology they used. What criteria did they use in each category? How did they go about finding and then eating at the best places in... More

Link Roundup: New Jersey Pizza; 'New York' on Dean's; Two Boots Walkin' West

Photograph courtesy of Jason Perlow To lead off this pizza link roundup, here's a great one that I didn't get to last week. Jason Perlow of Off the Broiler was invited along on a New Jersey pizza odyssey in the Newark Star-Ledger Munchmobile. Perlow and other Jersey food bloggers visited The Brothers (Red Bank), Sciortino's (South Amboy), Pizzatown USA (Elmwood Park), Cafe Capri (East Rutherford), and Santillo's (Elizabeth). Also blogging the Munchmobile ride: Baristanet, GoOutJersey, Hoboken411, and redbankgreen. Grub Street visits Dean's Pizzeria on the Upper West Side but doesn't really say much about how the pizza was. The... More

LA's Mozza in the 'New York Times'

The New York Times heads west and checks out the pizza at Mozza, the Mario Batali–Nancy Silverton upscale pizza joint in Los Angeles. Ms. Silverton, who started her career as a pastry chef and is an accomplished baker, makes crusts with extraordinary character: softly chewy in spots, crisply charred in others, ever so faintly sweet, even more faintly sour. There’s some rye flour in her dough and some malt, and she lets it sit for 36 hours before she uses it.... Although not conventionally thick, her crusts are denser and weightier than the Neapolitan ideal, reflecting her stated love of... More

In the Garage

Photo by Peter Kaminski I was just going through my favorite photos from Flickr and came across the one above. It was taken by Peter Kaminski at a hotel in San Diego. Maybe I should start a clandestine pizzeria — if only I had a garage to work out of.... More

A Slice of the Action

The baseball playoffs are upon us, and once again the Yankees are enabling hizzoner's gambling habit. The Bronx Bombers managed to scrape themselves into postseason play, prompting Bloomie to place a bet on the Yankees-Angels series with Anaheim's mayor, Curt Pringle. If the Angels win, Mayor Mike will cough up "some of New York's best to the people of Anaheim, including two dozen hot dogs from Nathan's Famous, two pounds each of pastrami, corned beef and brisket, three loaves of jumbo seedless rye bread and two pounds of mustard from Katz's Deli, and two Pizza alla Vodka pies from Goodfella's... More

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